JiaYu G2 Getting Dual-core MTK MT6577 CPU Update

With all the news and excitement surround JiaYu’s up and coming JiaYu G3 Android smart phone, it has been easy to forget about JiaYu’s other phones! Thankfully JiaYu have helped jog our memory with news that their current JiaYu G2 will receive an updated dual-core cpu!

The JiaYu G2 will be updated with a dual-core MTK MT6577 CPU later this month, the same dual-core chip that will be found in the JiaYu G3 when it is finally launched.

The move to the dual-core chip is to both give the still rather good G2 a new lease of life and also to compete with other Chinese phone makers who have also announced dual-core updates for their current single core offerings. Chinese phone maker Zopo for example recently announced that their ZP200 and ZP300 phones will get dual-core cpu’s.

JiaYu have also released a screen shot of the new dual-c0re G2 showing it has increased performance considerably and now scores 5442 points!

Like the JiaYu G3 we are not entirely sure when the updated JiaYu G2 will launch, but we will likely see them on sale by the end of this month!

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