Oppo Finder White Edition Coming Soon!

I’m having trouble keeping track of all these beautiful new Chinese phones hitting the market and now it’s gotten even trickier! Thanks Oppo for announcing a new Oppo Finder White edition! 

The Oppo Finder launched earlier this year to take the title of world’s thinnest Android smart-phone at a wafer thin 6.65m, it has later since made news for being used (successfully) as a hammer to knock 6 inch nails in to a piece of wood without getting even a single scratch!

Gizchina News of the week

Now the super thin and uber attractive 4.5 inch, dual-core phone is getting a bit of a fashion makeover as Oppo have announced an all new white edition of the Oppo Finder.

The new white Oppo Finder is clearly aimed at the more fashion conscious market (aka the ladies) as the new white front and back panels are complimented by anodized metal sides in a variety of attractive colours.

Oppo aren’t the only Chinese phone brand to launch more attractive designs aimed at female phone shoppers, Meizu have also released the Meizu MX in a range of colours including lilac and pink, and it is rumored that the new Xiaomi M2 will also be available in white when it launches next week.


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