New Dual-core JiaYu G2 prices from $100!

As we already know, JiaYu’s JiaYu G2 Android phone is getting updated to a dual-core MTK MT6577 CPU, but today we received the surprising news that there will be 2 new JiaYu G2 phones starting at just $100.

JiaYu have been busy getting their all new G3 dual-core phone ready for launch later this month, but that doesn’t mean the Chinese phone brand have been letting their older hardware sit idle in the every growing shadow of the 4.5 inch, Gorilla glass G3.

While we have already reported that the older JiaYu G2 Android phone is getting an updated CPU to match the dual-core MTK MT6577 chip it’s larger brother the JiaYu G3 will be sporting, we didn’t real realise until earlier that JiaYu are actually planing to launch 2 new updated G2 models!

Like many Chinese phone companies, JiaYu have decided to offer a slightly downgraded version of their phone to allow students and those with a lower income to enjoy their products.


new dual-core jiayu g2 priceNew Dual-core JiaYu G2 prices from $100!

The new dual-core JiaYu G2 line up will start with a 599 RMB ($100) version of the G2 which will get the same dual-core MTK MT6577 chip as the G3 but with a slightly down graded 5 mega-pixel rear camera and only 512mb RAM.

A more expensive JiaYu G2 phone with the same dual-core chip MT6577 1.0Ghz CPU will also be available at just 799 RMB ($125) and will receive a full 1GB RAM and a better 8 mega-pixel rear camera!

The all new JiaYu G3 with 4.5 inch HD screen, dual core MTK MT6577 1.0Ghz CPU, 1GB RAM  and 8 mega-pixel rear camera is rumored to hit the market in a 2-3 weeks at the surprisingly low price of just 899 RMB ($140). You can see more details for the JiaYu G3 here!

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So now you know the prices which JiaYu phone would you buy? Personally it looks like a no brainer to me!

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