Chinese iMac clone to get Windows 8

If you have been following Gizchina for a while then you will likely have come across more than a few Chinese iMac clone and knock-offs. Word  has it all these clones will be getting Window’s 8 updates over the next few weeks so it could be a great time to buy one!

Knock off iMac’s have been around for a while, but the models we have been seeing over the past few months are more than look-a-like all in one PC’s, but are actually surprisingly competent PC’s with impressive features.

The most recent versions of the iMac clone come in a range of sizes with the 21.5 inch model costing roughly $300 complete with built-in DVD burner, 1.6ghz dual core CPU, and up to 4GB RAM. Other specifications can also be had such as larger screens Intel i3 processors and wireless keyboards and mice.

The big news is that over the next few months Chinese iMac clone makers are planning to pre load their clones with the latest version of Windows 8 making these all in one PC’s some of the best looking, best priced and most up to date desktops available!

What concerns me though is the will the version of Windows 8 these companies are planning to use be a genuine Microsoft licensed version or are they planning to fill their cheap PC’s with pirated versions of the latest Windows OS?

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