JiaYu G3 MTK6577 News Update New LCD screen and colours!

Great news everyone the JiaYu G3 MTK6577 launch date has been announced!…. haha only kidding! no this news is much less awesome but does shed some light on why JiaYu have delayed their dual-core MT6577 4.5 inch phone for so long. Keep reading to find out!

News just posted today on the JiaYu website informs fans that the much-anticipated JiaYu G3 is still undergoing some changes, and not minor ones either!

According to JiaYu after testing the G3 with its original 4.5 inch 720p HD screen the company have decided it doesn’t offer the quality which they and their fans are expecting so have decided to switch screen suppliers!

It’s not been ascertained that JiaYu have actually found a new supplier or are currently looking, but either way it means the JiaYu G3 is even further from a release date than we had all hoped!

In addition to this damning news, JiaYu continue to go on to say that they are planning 3 colour options for the JiaYu G3 MTK6577 once launched, however they have yet to decide which colours to offer and are currently performing market research to decide which colour options will be most popular.

leaked jiayu g3 colour options

The leaked picture above shows a range of engineering samples in various colours which JiaYu are currently choosing from, personally I’m not impressed by any of the options here except the original black model which looks alot like the iPhone 5 design.

It is also confirmed that the G3 will launch with Android ICS 4.0.4 and may eventually receive Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in the future!

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So what are you guys planning to do? Will you continue to wait for JiaYu to release the JiaYu G3, or will you buy a different Chinese phone?

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