Xiaomi M1s Specification, Photo Samples Everything You Need to Know!

Xiaomi M1s Specification, Photo Samples Everything You Need to Know!


When Xiaomi unveiled the M1s the Chinese phone community didn’t know what to make of the updated Android phone however after initial reviews and hands on most agree that the Xiaomi M1S is one killer budget phone!

The Xiaomi M1s offers budget buyers a very fast dual-core phone with an exceptional 8 mega-pixel rear camera! While the design of the M1S hasn’t changed much since the first Android Xiaomi phone there are a few notable differences between the previous Xiaomi M1 (plus) and the new and improved Xiaomi M1s (super).


Xiaomi M1s Specification

 xiaomi m1s review specification photos


Xiaomi M1s price

xiaomi m1s review specification photos

The original Xiaomi M1 arrived this time last year for 1999 yuan ($313) and wowed the world due to the great dual-core CPU, 1GB RAM, large (for the time) screen, awesome UI in the form of MIUI and long battery life. Now a year on Xiaomi have launched the M1s at a lower price, 1499 ($) but with a better specification, dual cameras and faster CPU!


Xiaomi M1s Rear Camera

xiaomi m1s review specification photos

The M1s boasts one of the best 8 mega-pixel rear cameras of any phone currently available! I don’t mean just in its price range either I actually mean the M1s has a killer rear camera! So good in fact I might pick one up for this function alone!

What makes the rear camera so good is not must the impressive 8 mega-pixel rating but also the large f2.2 aperature and large 28mm lens which together provide lighter, brighter and bigger photos than most phones on the market today.

Below are some example photos taken with the 8 mega-pixel Xiaomi M1s.

xiaomi m1s 8 mega pixel rear camera test photo


xiaomi m1s 8 mega pixel rear camera test photo


xiaomi m1s 8 mega pixel rear camera test photo

The wide lens actually means you are able to capture more of the world as you snap a photo, and the increase is quite noticeable!


Xiaomi M1s Front Camera

xiaomi m1s review specification photos

The original M1 didn’t have a front camera as it was deemed worthless, but for the M1s Xiaomi have decided to include one, and it’s a good one! Rather than give this low-cost super phone a cheap front camera, Xiaomi have given the M1s an impressive 2 mega-pixel front camera with a large 30mm wide lens and f2.2 aperature!

Both the front and rear cameras are capable of filming at 1080p too!


Xiaomi M1s Dual-core CPU

xiaomi m1s antutu

While the M1 was no slouch thanks to it’s 1.5Ghz dual-core cpu and 1GB RAM, the M1s is notably faster thanks to its updated 1.7Ghz CPU! Not only is the processor speed faster but the new technology and improved MIUI version of Android help the M1s speed a long at a very impressive rate and scoring an impressive 6855 on Antutu!

xiaomi m1s benchmarks

Quadrant score are good to with the dual-core Xiaomi M1s being just a little behind the Quad-core tegra 3 HTC One X! Impressive for a phone which costs just $200!


Bluetooth 4.0 and OTG

xiaomi m1s review specification photos

Sharing via Bluetooth is now even easy and faster thanks to the M1s supporting the latest version of Bluetooth, Bluetooth 4.0 and also OTG!


MIUI 4.1 Android Jelly Bean

xiaomi m1s review specification photos

It’s not just the hardware which has seen an update, the Android OS powering the Xiaomi M1S has been given an overhaul and some great new features!

For Chinese speakers there is iFlytek’s built-in Siri like virtual assistant and excellent Chinese input options. Like the Apple iPhone 4S you can speak to the Xiaomi M1s and have the phone write your messages, perform search or make notes.

Miui 4.1 also bring a new desktop management which allows owners to customize not just the look of their Xiaomi M1s but also how it functions with custom gestures, shortcuts and more!


Xiaomi M1S availability

xiaomi m1s review specification photos

The inital batch of 200,000 Xiaomi M1s phones will be offered to those who managed pre-order the M1s through the company’s own Weibo micro blog account and online at their website today.

The rest of the world will have to wait a few more months before they can head to the shop and buy the Xiaomi M1s as normal!

All in all the Xiaomi M1s would have been enough of an update of the last generation Xiaomi M1, but to have this phone, with this performance, amazing rear camera and all at a super low price is just formidable!

Watch out Samsung, LG, HTC and Apple ! Xiaomi is coming!

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  • Bry Cnn

    makes me doubt between the M2 and the M1S.

    What to do? Would 4core make a real difference?

    • If you want a good camera but don’t need a quad-core the M1S looks like a solid bargain! I want both the M1s and M2 🙂

  • Levin

    Wow, this phone looks like everything i want 😀
    Anyone know how to get one?

    • The went on sale today for the first 200,000 who had preordered it. There are still 800,000 preorder spots to fill before they will be available in the shops 🙁
      I’m getting an M1s to replace my phone, and an M2 as a treat to myself I think 🙂

  • L3viZ

    Did you pre-order one?
    I visited the website, but guess what… I don’t understand chinese 😀

    • Nope I didn’t, I’ve been promised a test unit 😉

  • sere83

    So i’m presuming the m1s has a new camera sensor form the regular m1 yeah?

    The camera on my m1 is not great to be honest, its ok but the white balance is well off and when you pan around the shadows and light areas are over emphasised (eg, does or doesn’t let enough light in). So you may see lots of shadows and a darker image one second and pan back to same area and its really light despite the light not changing.

    • this is the M1S the camera looks amazing!

  • mestermagyar

    It maybe seems a bit idiot question, but can i pre-order outside china this way like this 200.000 were sold?(if there will be the same at m2)
    And if m2 will be sold like this?
    Sorry for my english.

    • I’m not sure if the pre-order is just for those of us in China. Yep I bet the M2 will be launched this way, but both models will be eventually in stores.

  • damian

    i’m not sure how you could make a smartphone in 2012 and not include a front facing camera for video chat. really one of the silliest moves i’ve seen in a long for an otherwise such an awesome phone…

    not dual SIM either? double deal breaker

    • It’s the older Xiaomi M1 which has no front camera, the new M1s has a very good front camera. You’re right about the lack of dual-sim though.

  • Steve

    Anyone can confirm if M1S uses latest Sony Exmor RS ?


    My ultimate phone would have this 8M latest back illuminated sensor with stacked logic supposed to start shipping august 2012 (13M version said to ship since june.. xiaomi M2 ?)

  • Roi

    Do you know whats m1s SAR values?


  • cat_baxter

    Got my M1S today. Going to compare it against my SGS2 🙂

    • @cat_baxter awesome! well done! where did you get it from?

      • Shawn

        hi Andi,

        Could you tell me what’s the latest price in China?? I am hoping it has dropped from its initial price (1500 yuan) mentioned in the article.

        • Around 1600 if you can find one

  • code

    I also want to buy this phone but even if i live in china i guess getting one is going to be really hard, do you know when will it be available in shops?

    thank you!

  • cat_baxter

    Just google “xiaomi order” – android-sale.com, hotmid.com, aliexpress.com

  • kali


    In your opinion, which one’s better, Jiayu G2S or Xiaomi M1S?


  • Andrea

    What type of SIM does it need??
    SIM, Micro SIM or Nano SIM.