Watch the JiaYu G3 Smash Walnuts with its Screen!

The JiaYu G3 seems to be the ultimate Android phone! Not only does it come at a super low price, but it is also packed with great features one of which its Gorilla Glass screen. So how tough is the G3’s screen? Find out in this walnut smashing video!

The JiaYu G3 offers a 4.5 inch display with a fantastic HD resolution of 1280 x 720, but that’s not all as this Chinese phone also gets a touch of Gorilla glass ensuring that large high quality screen will look great and work as new no matter how many times you drop it (maybe).

In the video below we get to see just how tough the JiaYu G3’s screen is as it is used to smash super hard walnuts! I’ve managed to break nut crackers with walnuts, but the G3 just anhilates those nuts without a scratch!

We also get to see the G3 working just as new after performing its nut breaking party trick!


Watch the JiaYu G3 Smash Walnuts with its Screen!


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