JiaYu state dual-core MT6577 shortage won’t affect JiaYu G3

It’s been quiet on the JiaYu G3 front, too quiet! However as the old saying goes ‘no news is good news’ and I have two great pieces of JiaYu G3 news to share with you!

First of all the good news isn’t that JiaYu have their network licence! When that happens it  won’t be good news, but awesome news!

I’ve been hearing rumours that MedaTek’s dual-core MTK MT6577 CPU’s are harder to get hold of than hen’s teeth and that JiaYu were rumoured to be scouting about China for a new supplier of dual-core CPU’s, however according to reports on the JiaYu forums this is not the case.

jiayu g3 cases and covers

According to JiaYu, they are currently going out of their way to source MT577 dual-core chips so that G3 fans will get their phones sooner rather than later, and are in fact paying more than they should to secure the much sought after CPU’s. The thread goes on to say that MT6577 shortages won’t slow JiaYu G3 shipping, this could be a good thing or bad depending on just when they plan to ship the 4.5 inch G3!

In other news JiaYu say that their production screens for the JiaYu G3 are much better than the screens used in the pre-production models (those seen in the gaming video and various Chinese media reviews), which is great news, but… when are we going to get our JiaYu G3’s!!!!!!??????

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