Forget the iPhone 5 Beidou Little Pepper Dual-core IS going on sale soon!

Yesterday I wrote a post stating how Beidou’s Little Pepper phone were practically nothing more than a myth and we want being seeing them on general sale! Well it turns out I was (thankfully) wrong, and Beidou are in fact planning to launch 100,000 dual-core Little Pepper phones for pre-order is just a few weeks!

If you are not familar with the Beidou Little Pepper then let me give you a few details. It is touted as the world’s cheapest dual-core phone (it actually costs $110 like the dual-core JiaYu G2) features a 4 inch scree, 5 mega-pixel rear camera and an Android ICS 4.0 operating system.

The dual-core Beidou Little Pepper first hit headlines in July when it was announced back in July but since then has faded in to the Chinese phone ether leaving many potential customers baffled as to if the Little Pepper really ever existed!

dual core little pepper hands on where to buy

It turns that the dual-core Beidou Little Pepper is real and Beidou are planning a pre-order of 100,ooo units in the coming weeks, but before you start-up Google translate and try to book one for yourself there is one very important detail about the dual-core Little Pepper you need to be prepared for and that’s the dual-core itself.

Unlike the JiaYu G2 which uses the MT6577 dual-core CPU from MediaTek and is proven to be a fast and reliable chip, Beidou have opted for a much more readily available MSM8225 dual-core CPU, however when compared to the G2’s MT6577 CPU the MSM8225 is very weak and performs nowhere near as well.

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So what is your choice of super low-cost dual-core Chinese phone? The dual-core MSM8225 Beidou Little Pepper or the MT6577 equipped JiaYu G2? I know where my money would go!

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