$100 Dual-core MT6577 Newman NM860 coming next month!

Newman have seen some great success with their dual core MT6577 Newman N1 flagship phone and they are hoping to replicate this with their new entry level model called the Newman NM860!

Despite Newman being very new to the Chinese phone market, electronics come Android phone company are already making a huge number of fans thanks to their fantastic Newman N1!

As the N1 has done so well, but primarily with male users, Newman have their new dual-core MT6577 phone styled for the ladies in mind! The Newman NM860 is going to be launched in October and will be priced at a very affordable 599 Yuan ($100).

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The pink Newman NM860 boasts a dual-core MT6577 CPU with 1GB RAM (more than the JiaYu G2 and the Zopo ZP500+), a 4 inch screen and a 1650mAh battery.

There is no mention of what cameras the new dual-core Neman will have but we guess that the rear will be a 5 mega-pixel unit with the front being a 0.3 mega-pixel unit, it is also likely that Android 4.0 ICS will come as standard.

I’ve only seen the photo of this pink model but fingers crossed there will also be a less flowery design and hopefully a solid white or black option.


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  1. Ryan borel
    September 18, 2012

    Looks nice. But can you still make a section to where it shows which phones will work on USA 3g frequencies

    • September 18, 2012

      @Ryan if I manage to do it it won’t be until the October holiday.

  2. ThinkOutsideTheBox
    September 18, 2012

    @Ryan, no offense, but I see you mentioning this a lot. All you have to do is go to the sites that sells these phones, and they’ll give you all of the information you need. Most of these unlocked China phones work with 3G in the USA.

    • phil
      October 1, 2012

      In fact most of the chinese phone work on 3G only on 2100 mhz
      while in North America most network works on 850/1900 mhz.

      And many sites that sells phone have improper information about frequencies supported by the phones they sell.

      just an exemple : Jiayu G3 , you can look 10 websites and I bet that 5 will tell only 2100 mhz and the others 5 will tell 850/900/1900/2100

      so who should you believe ?

  3. Ryan Borel
    September 18, 2012

    @andi, Trust me this will bring a lot more traffic to your site…..this is one of the biggest advantages you will have other sites that cover these chinese phones as much and as passionate as he do….I only posted it on all of his blogs so that it can grab the attention. I really fell that if he did that not only will it bring more traffic to his already popular site but it will in fact help sell the very phones he is covering…

    @ThinkOutsideTheBox, Again I only mentioned it becuase I know what good can come out of it…we all LOVE phones and we all know that what we can’t access all of the sites and that we only trust few of the sources……Andi is one of those few sources we can rely on and trust. again if he posted which ones worked on American 3g frequencies whether it’s AT&T or T-mobile or both it would be as most would say the Icing on the cake. This is an American Website that is posting to the american people about phones that we all would want to get our hands on but we all know that if it does not have at least 3g speeds then we will most likely not purchase them….

  4. Ryan Borel
    September 18, 2012

    @ThinkOutsideTheBox, and no they don’t work with American 3g frequencies only EDGE speeds…..most of them that I see with WCDMA capabilities is on the 850/2100 mhz band….in USA AT&T uses 1900mhz and T-mobile Being AWS uses 1700/2100 mhz frequencies…so yes there is few but VERY few phones that will work on USA 3g or 4g or whatever they are calling it

  5. viktor
    September 18, 2012

    @Ryan Borel, why would u say this is an american website, its alot of people from europe too, im from sweden.

  6. Koko
    September 18, 2012

    Looks shiny :)) I will reserve one for my Baby

  7. 1544c
    September 18, 2012

    @Ryan Bore, it seems to me you already have your answer about the 3g USA frequencies. I have looked into this myself and you just have to match each phone individual for the network speeds your network provides. For the most part every phone I have seen on fastcardtech.com (which is where all the cheapest chinese phones are) are 2g speeds for T-Mobile as well sa AT&T, but 3g for wcdma networks like Verizon or sprint. However I have not checked those frequencies specifically, in which I may be wrong because it does seem to be running on a different cdma network. But as for now I can tell you you will not find an international chinese phone to work on 3g t-mobile network. Their frequencies are more rare than others and not often can you find it unless that phone is specifically built for T-Mobile, or given that rare chance the phone is built with many different frequencies, but not likely. So to answer your question I do not think they will have 3g phones for the rest of this year.

  8. Ryan Borel
    September 18, 2012

    @Viktor….I am not here saying that it’s an American website only. I am glad you are in Sweden checking out this website. Again I have no problems with that at all.

    @1544C Sprint and Verizon works on CDMA technology. ATT and T mobile works on GSM. and most of these phones will work on all of their networks but will only get slow internet speeds what i am concerned with is can i find out quickly which phones can possibly work on the 3g frequencies on either carriers whether it be ATT or T-mobile or be it verizon or sprint. I am beginning to make a web business by selling phones and memory cards and would like to possibly sell them here

  9. Max
    December 7, 2012

    Hi, does anyone have this phone? Better or worse than JIAYU G2?

    February 23, 2013

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