Newman planning to launch quad-core Newman N2 in November! with 1080 screen!!

Hold on to your hat’s guys as it looks as though the first wave of low-cost quad-core Chinese phones is on its way! Keep reading for details of the quad-core Newman N2 which will be released in November!

We all new this time would come sooner or later! Low-cost quad-core Chinese phone are what some of us have been waiting for, and it appears we will see the first one on sale in only a matter of months in the shape of the Newman N2!

While we knew low-cost quad-core Chinese phones were on the way, we were all under the impression that the first lot woud all be powered my MediaTeks MT6588 quad-core chips, but if the today’s leaked N2 specifications are to be believed then the new Newman phone will be running a quad-core Samsung Exynos CPU the same as the Meizu MX and the Current Samsung Galaxy S3!

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Other details of the yet to be seen Newman N2 include a 4.63 inch screen which supports 1080HD!  a 2500mAH battery and according to this report a rear camera of 20 mega-pixels!! (which I’m sure is a typo!)

No news on how much the Newman N2 will cost but we won’t have to wait long if they can stick to their roadmap and launch this exciting quad-core Chinese phone in November as planned!

What do you guy’s think of the Newman N2’s specification? Is this a phone you would want? How much would you be willing to pay?

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  1. Mannaoz
    September 18, 2012

    Its not a question of how much you would pay.
    BUT if and when these new phones finally hit the streets were are we the lowly
    peasants of the west going to be able to buy them from. I don’t if you do have seeing I am a newbie to your site. But I would like to see a range of international friendly sites that I may be able to buy from.
    You numerous articles seem to be on the rise. Lets hope they deliver what they say. ^-^

  2. Mark
    September 18, 2012

    I’m still relatively new to the chinaphone game, but the thing I’m “worried” about the most is decent shipping.
    The only proper way to do it now is DHL to get it in 6-8 days.

    I mean, come on,… 10~30 business days, and you’re phone has already been upgraded by the time it lands (softly) on your doorstep 🙁

    Hope they find some mid-range shipper who’ll do a decent speed at an affordable price. (not 10-30% of the cost of your phone :p)

  3. pandajaune
    September 18, 2012

    and the n1 is still hard to find…
    i love the chinese way of marketing ^^

  4. September 18, 2012

    it’s just me or more tham 4.5inch is a big screen :/
    4.0 to 4.5 is a very good screen. but more than 4.5?? I don’t know… maybe must carry a little tablet of 7inch and leave the phone for other things

  5. Inkflow
    September 18, 2012

    @ Proffesor Yeow: It’s just you… I think it’s more of a question of fashion, I think that in a few years phablets will be the fashion.

    @ Mark: Go with the cheapest shipping method. Having your phone few days earlier doesn’t worth any dollar (unless you are a business which needs to supply the phone to someone else).

    @ pandajaune: I agree with you – we will be able to buy this phone by November. November 2014…

  6. September 18, 2012

    i dont think there is a descent supply of newman N1………… ill bother thinking about it when its actually available (pissed with jiayu g3situation)

  7. Paul
    September 18, 2012

    I don’t know. I’m a little disappointed after recently purchasing a well known Chinese brand. Like the Newman, the specs where good, but after you get the thing in your hands its a completely different story.

  8. Paul
    September 18, 2012

    @Paul Hey paul its me the other paul. Which newman did you get and from what e-site did you order from? Also perhaps the issue with the spec on paper vs. real life is that the OS is eating the ram and rom memory. The problem with all the phone makers is they only show you the raw power or info, they never show it with the OS on. Also perhaps rooting it would help smoothen it. Guess android is still rough, after all its an open source OS so itll have a kink or it could be a lil rough. I think perhaps google thought the phone makers since they make their own UI that they would tweak the android.

  9. Paul
    September 19, 2012

    Hi Paul, nice name 🙂

    It wasn’t a Newman phone, it was a Zopo ZP300+ which seemed to be one of the better options based on the MTK6577. Performance is OK but there are lots of little problems with the ROM when they hack it for export markets (its rooted). As you said, its the raw specs that draw you in, but its the real annoyances that they won’t tell you about that put you off chinese phones. Things like 500MB of internal phone memory for applications, practically useless GPS on the MTK chips, poor battery life, poor handset speaker and microphone – the list goes on 🙂

  10. Olav
    September 19, 2012

    Hi Paul!
    Thats bad news for me, i ordered the Haipai X710d from pandawill, an I’m disapointed. The mikesound is crap, and it got so hot it melted my sim card, gets overheated after a few mins of web surfin or gaming, I also thought it was to big. So i ordered a zopo zp300+, and i read online that the gps is slow, then others say its ok..
    I am hoping at least the sound (mike) is better on this one, the battery i understand is not great, so o got an extra one, hope im not disapointet this time too, hope the 4.1 upgrade will help some,
    I got a pipo m1 tablet with jelly bean, and its wery good, the antutu benchmarks is way better than similar tablets i have running on ICS.
    I also ordered the newman n1 from pandawill, but its preorder, i dont know how long it will take to get it here.
    The zp300+ i payed 300 usd with dhl shipping,(dh-gate) hope at least one of them is good enough for phone calls 🙂
    Where do you guys buy your stuff from?

  11. Paul
    September 19, 2012

    @Paul But i guess every gadget is like that even computers they only show the raw power. Man thats some sad news about your phone. The china phones has come a long way but they are still have a long way to reach true quality. I guess they just dont have enough budget for the R&D, but then again I guess the phones wont be priced what it is now. I surely do love what they are doing for the society, where they can offer very cheap smartphones, with a hit or miss quality phones, meaning i guess the other phones that doesnt have trouble issue gets the true quality check.

  12. thesniper321
    October 30, 2012

    lol 1080 on a 4,5 screen??? Joke of the century, why not 4096X2160 then