Newman planning to launch quad-core Newman N2 in November! with 1080 screen!!

Hold on to your hat’s guys as it looks as though the first wave of low-cost quad-core Chinese phones is on its way! Keep reading for details of the quad-core Newman N2 which will be released in November!

We all new this time would come sooner or later! Low-cost quad-core Chinese phone are what some of us have been waiting for, and it appears we will see the first one on sale in only a matter of months in the shape of the Newman N2!

While we knew low-cost quad-core Chinese phones were on the way, we were all under the impression that the first lot woud all be powered my MediaTeks MT6588 quad-core chips, but if the today’s leaked N2 specifications are to be believed then the new Newman phone will be running a quad-core Samsung Exynos CPU the same as the Meizu MX and the Current Samsung Galaxy S3!

Other details of the yet to be seen Newman N2 include a 4.63 inch screen which supports 1080HD!  a 2500mAH battery and according to this report a rear camera of 20 mega-pixels!! (which I’m sure is a typo!)

No news on how much the Newman N2 will cost but we won’t have to wait long if they can stick to their roadmap and launch this exciting quad-core Chinese phone in November as planned!

What do you guy’s think of the Newman N2’s specification? Is this a phone you would want? How much would you be willing to pay?

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