Still no JiaYu G3 news! How long are you willing to wait?

The last piece of news we had about the 4.5 inch, dual-c0re MT6577 JiaYu G3 is that JiaYu had sent representatives from their company to Beijing to try to fix the network license problem, but that was a few days ago and we still haven’t received word of what’s going on! 

The JiaYu G3 hit the headlines a few months ago after impressing the gadget world with its great looking alloy design, high-resolution 4.5 inch display, dual-core MT6577 CPU, high-capacity battery and great 8 mega-pixel camera!

The G3’s sudden rise to internet stardom was followed by a few weeks nothing! No news, no details, and we were beginning to think the JiaYu G3 was nothing more than a myth!

jiayu g3 screen and mt6577 cpu news

But as suddenly as the news disappeared it emerged again with the announcement that the G3 would cost a shockingly low 899 Yuan!

Since then there has been a steady trickle of G3 news to keep us going, and even a pre-order, but as time has passed more problems have arisen surrounding this would-be super phone!


Screen and camera problems

jiayu g3 photo camera

This was the first sign of trouble from JiaYu. Just when it looked like the G3 could be ready to launch JiaYu announced that they weren’t happy with the camera and screen performance! The camera fix was software related while the display issue meant JiaYu had to find a new supplier (or at least that’s what they told us!)


MT6577 dual-core CPU shortages

The second problem we were made aware of was that MediaTek, the company behind the low-cost but powerful MT6577 CPU were running into shortages and Chinese phone makers were having trouble getting hold of them.

jiayu g3 shipping soon

But, JiaYu came back that they were in fact getting the chips they needed even though they were paying a higher price to get them, and that CPU availability wouldn’t affect the G3’s launch date!

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No network license

This one is the big problem and the one we are waiting for JiaYu to clear at this moment! According to reports from the Chinese tech media the JiaYu G3’s network license expired while they were busy finding CPU, screens and fixing Android camera glitches!

jiayu g3 review hands on

So now JiaYu are in Beijing (so they say) taking the bull by the horns to try to fix the issue once and for all, so that we can finally get our hands our own G3 (if we still want them!)


But that’s not all!

As Gizchina readers and commentors will no doubt be aware some Chinese resellers are informing their customers that JiaYu are currently being investigated by the Government which as further delayed the G3.

But worse still it seems that the JiaYu G3 might not even work in a lot of the countries excited customers have ordered them! According to JiaYu the G3 support 2100 Mhz, but according to some who have used the phone it will also function on 900 and 850 (but this is unconfirmed!


How long are you willing to wait for the JiaYu G3

So it has been a roller coaster ride and we are now on a low for the forseeable future, but I still here from readers who are still waiting to get their G3’s, so I wonder who out there reading this now will happily wait fo the JiaYu G3? And who of you have already given up and are looking at some of the other options?

Let me know in the comments below!

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