Quad-core Newman N2 images and specification leaked

Last time the claimed specs of the all new quad-core Newman N2 Android phone we saw some pretty impressive details including a 13MP camera and Samsung Exynos quad-core CPU! We’ll it seems those specs were in fact accurate and the Newman N2 looks set to be one hell of a Chinese phone!

According to the latest details from the Newman forum the Newman N2 could launch as soon as the 23rd October and is coming equipped with a specification and design which could in fact rival the almighty Xiaomi M2 quad-core phone (which will go on sale on the 18th October!).

While most of  what we reported about the Newman N2 previously seems to be accurate there are a few slight differences between what was leaked earlier and what now is being reported as the official specification.

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newman n2 quad core android phone china

Reports that the rear camera is to be a 13 mega-pixel unit seem correct, but the screen size and the CPU speed look to have been a little off, but the news is still good!

Originally it was reported the Newman N2 quad-core would be getting a 4.5 inch screen, however it looks as though the display will be a larger 4.7 inch unit with 1280 x 720 resolution.

The CPU remains a quad-core Samsung Exynos 4412 chip but rather than running at 1.5 Ghz will be clocked at a slightly slower, but more energy-efficient 1.4 GHZ.

More highlights include a 2 mega-pixel front camera and 1080 playback and capture from both cameras! Pricing has yet to be set but expect to pay 1999 Yuan + ($317+) once the Newman N2 is launched.

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  1. Martin
    October 16, 2012


    will the Oppo Find 5 launch sooner or later, what screen does the Newman have (pixels-per-inch wise), what is the storage and price according to it, and how thin is it?

  2. Amby
    October 16, 2012

    Hi Andi,

    My basic question will still remain the same. Is it dual-sim ? 😛


  3. Ernesto
    October 16, 2012

    Same for me. I’m looking forward to seeing the launch of Oppo find 5. Any ideas about it?

  4. October 16, 2012

    Maybe it’s just me but why buy phones from China which are actually on same price levels as the established brands?

    Personally I wont touch any Chinese phone priced above $200 seems to defeat the fact of buying a cheap phone imo.

    Once it’s past the $200 mark I think you are better off with a phone that has enough support on forums like xda-dev so you know your money was well spent.

    Just my opinion though.

    • J-Bird
      October 16, 2012

      Because a 300 dollar Chinese phone offers better performance and quality then a 300 dollar brand name phone.

      • October 17, 2012

        I disagree with you mate.

        At 300 dollars a lot of options with superb support on xda. With these China phones it’s either Xiaomi or Meizu releasing official roms for the phones when they feel like fixing something and no such community support for roms.

        Other brands provide absolutely no support so you better off trashing the phone after a year or so. Reason why you should not spend much on it.

        Like I said it’s just my opinion but I won’t buy any phone priced above the $200 mark from China.

        • brains
          October 18, 2012

          all branded phones you speak of are made in china.

  5. Fel
    October 16, 2012

    Geodex has a valid point, after disastrous experiences with several M9 and MX… the key is software. Thats where xiaomi plays in a different league as all other CH brands.
    I liked the Lenovo K870 or the Oppos (whenever we see 5) but the importance of a proper coded OS is beating price and design on every occasion. My M9 got rendered useless thanks to Flyme and inept codees down in Zhubai.
    I m also curious about Google franchising out the nexus’ and some leaked Sony and LG versions

  6. KnullePutte
    October 16, 2012

    I totally agree, I’d never buy a phone, or anything else for that matter, above $200 from China, unless they won’t provide me with a 3 year guarantee that we have in Sweden. And of course if the pay the return post if something breaks, which w eall know that it eventually will…. so $300 plus shipping is a joke, and even shouldn’t be reviewed here 🙂

  7. Nik
    October 16, 2012

    Yep, pretty much agree with the above posts. Anything above $200 is not really worth it when you can get established phones like the Galaxy Nexus ($350) and Galaxy S2 ($299 tmobile prepaid) here in the states. Sure it has a quad-core and such, but I rather take quality and support over that. The appeal of china phones are they are cheap almost making them disposable. But, above $200 just not worth it. Especially when powerful phone by established brands are just around the corner for relatively cheap (i.e. Rumored LG Nexus)

    • Nin Hao
      October 17, 2012

      All of you do not take in account that there are a whole lot of countries out there where, for example, SGS2 costs $450-$1000 and has a very poor limited, yet official one-year service. The same goes for iPhone 5 for official price $1200 – $2000 e.t.c.

      So $300 is quite adequate price, considering it will drop a lot with the time passing.

      • Nin Hao
        October 17, 2012

        Talking about the warranty service, they provide it only in huge megapolises with rich people. Others have to travel there at their own expense or even pay huge postage and custom fees for sending their devices to U.S. just to find out that it was broken or stolen during shipping.

        Summing up, be happy that you live in relatively wealthy country, the other 95% of Earth population are glad for you too.

        • KnullePutte
          October 17, 2012

          So what you’re actually saying is that in a country that sell a SGII for $1000 a similar Chinese phone would cost $300?

        • October 17, 2012

          If you are in China and getting these phones at affordable prices for you no problem.

          Us international buyers have to pay a little extra for shipping + Customs when the phone finally gets here. And to think of sending the phone back when it’s broken is a pain since you pay for shipping and handling to and fro again.

          I like China phones for so many reasons but I won’t break bank for anything above $200. It’s better for me than to pay all those extra cost and get practically no support in the form of rom upgrades and the likes of cyanogen, paranoid etc running on my phone when I want to explore a little.

          For $200 I don’t feel left out if I don’t get that support and more reason why I am waiting for the Jiayu G3 for months now.

          And no not every reader is from North America I am just weighing the odds for me personally and it isn’t worth it in the long run to bu phones costing over $200.

          By the way this N2 is priced at $415 on many stores on aliexpress. Think of shipping and customs you are hitting $500. Now that is just too much.

          Everyone has their opinion and me personally I’m saying this is a no no for me.

          • nidget
            October 17, 2012

            I completely agree. That’s the reason I -and many others here certainly- are still waiting for the Jiayu G3.

            A Chinese company selling phones above 200$ limits its sales to the Chinese market. I am sure they are aware of this, but it is not really an issue for them anymore: China is big enough now.

  8. Martin
    October 17, 2012

    Hi Andi and everybody else,

    take a ncie look at what I found.
    Awesome right?
    If that is true I am totally up for it.

    • October 17, 2012

      Awesome find (haha) I’m posting it now!

      • Martin
        October 17, 2012

        Hi Andi,

        did you read the stuff that was written on the link?

        ‘Cause I assumed you would understand chinese. I have been trying to contact Oppo an write on their forum to get news on the Find 5, but I have only been able to do so using google translate, which is pretty poor at translating websites especially Chinese…

        However if you posted it it must mean it is the Oppo Find 5 right?

        Nice little joke BTW.

  9. Fel
    October 17, 2012

    i am based in China and all the phones are easy enough to get once they re released.
    But i ve to state one thing in terms of xiaomi. they re unlike other chinese makers. They got a huge fan base and the fact that miui is an open and very lively community (also on many other phones eg samsungs were the s3 or eg the note can be easily fitted with miui) support is given not just by xiaomi itself.
    In terms of jiayu and meizu et al. those lack openess and the brains to realize u gotta take care of the sw part not just making fancy spec phones. what helps a powerful device (eg MX) if the idiotic company tries to run 2 eco systems parallel. i cant get a clean contact list as ur flyme and google accounts are freaking messed up.
    i cant use the camera for instance to scan codes or use plecos ocr as the shit sw doesnt communicate the cameras position adequately to the 3rd party program…

  10. John
    October 17, 2012

    I’m curious, which phones has similar specs as this phone with a 4.7 inch screen that isn’t 3 years old and I can buy for $300?