How to download and install UMi X1 Custom ROM

How to download and install UMi X1 Custom ROM


Lucky shoppers around the world should soon be receiving their UMi X1 Android phones and as all true gadget lovers the first thing most of you will want to do is to install a custom ROM. Well how about this imitation Samsung ROM which brings the UMi X1 a number of updates as well as ROOT access!

This custom ROM for the UMi X1 is based on Android 4.0.4 Ice-cream Sandwich and has been designed to give the look and feel of a Samsung ROM, however it’s not all looks and ROOT access as this custom ROM brings a few important improvements to the X1.


UMi X1 Samsung Custom ROM Features

  1. Improved integration of Google Apps and services.
  2. Streamlined ROM with useless apps removed.
  3. Improved start-up screen and smooth animation.
  4. Power saving functions and improved Wi-Fi scan to increase battery life.
  5. Root Access.
  6. Improved audio (Dolby)


How to install the Samsung UMi X1 custom ROM

[Alert] Please not that you may well void your warranty by installing this ROM and you risk damaging your phone if installed incorrectly. Please proceed at your own risk!
  1. Download the zip package (see below for links)
  2. Do not unzip the file but copy the ZIP directly to SD via USB
  3. Turn off the UMi X1
  4. Hold volume up while pressing the power button. The phone will start in recovery mode.
  5. Use up and down to navigate, “menu” button to select and “back” to return to the previous menu
  6. Select “Clear all data” / restore factory settings
  7. Select your ZIP file which you added to the SD card.
  8. Confirm your choice and wait for the restore to complete
  9. Return to first menu and select “reboot the system” (First start will be slow)
Standard download

ROM with Google tweaks

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  • Hamilton

    This ROM is available in Portuguese?!

    • Not sure I didn’t try it myself

      • Srid

        Hi Andy, Please let me know if this custom ROM can be installed in UMI X1S as well?

        Also, Please let me know if there are any ways to speedup the battery charging. Currently my UMI X1S is taking 6 hours to charge completely.

    • bmbn05

      Did you already now the answer to this question?

  • LucifeL

    WTF !! DOLBY… wat??? you serious… o_O ??

  • Niko

    thank you Andi…
    hehe this is the link i post on UMI X1 international sale 🙂
    thank for writing it all on single post

    kudos to you..

    now i wait for my X1 to arrived from

    by the way Andi can you please confirm whether it has English language or Chinese only ? and does the GPS fix only apply to china or using asia continental ? but the GPS fix is easy to fine on xda-dev 🙂

    the original thead is on

    • Cheers Niko, Sorry finding it hard to keep up with comments and emails at the moment 🙂

  • kaskuser

    hi andi, maybe more simple if use software from shuame (
    just load rom and click next – next -next .
    but i dont know chinnese so can you translate it, and make tutorial?

  • ty

    Forgive me for being ignorant, but if I ordered this phone last night on taobao from a reputable vendor, did I just waste my money?

  • achkar

    Please upload this file somewhere else, because im downloading with 5kb/s. This is madness..

  • TheBigHunt

    It means that the X1 is already rooted from stock ? Does the recovery allow to backup the existing rom ?
    I saw on the website that there are other roms. Did anyone tried ?
    Thanks a lot for this cool Gizchina 🙂

    • Thanks for reading and the tip!

  • Carl

    The “Standard download” links to a file labelled “Umi_X1 Google” and the “ROM with Google tweaks” links to a file merely labelled “Umi_X1”. Is it safe to assume the links are mixed up?

  • Carl

    I seem to have a problem and any help would be great.

    You apperently have to put the package on an externa sd card? When i started i recovery mode it gave my any error saying it could no find sdcard2

    I wiped everythin/restore factory, but now i cannot go back to recovert mode, i get the greed android thing, but after a while it merely restarts. Why can’t i get into recovery after having restored factory settings? Some setting i need to change?

  • Carl

    Realize that the problem is that it wont go it proper recovery mode. I get a green android lying on his back with a red triangle. Anyone else having this problem or any suggestion on what to do?

    • Paul

      If you see the green android lying, hit the Home button and voila 🙂

      You need to use a SD card for this as well.
      It looks for files on /mnt/sdcard2 by default

      I have tried a few ROMs from different sites, but they all fail.

      I only tried this in a few minutes last night, will have a better look this weekend.

      Does anyone knows a good English rom for the UMI X1

      Aside of the ROM the phone feels nice and light.
      The back plastic looks a bit cheap, but thats my opinion 😉
      The GO Launger EX comes as default home screen.. after a factory reset this was gone 🙂

      Battery goes pretty fast, but this is the first day of use.
      I think I use it a bit more then I usually do, because it is the first day 😉

      • Niko

        so it’s confirm has CWM recovery and root by default ?
        its in english or chinese (the cwm recovery)?

        • Carl

          Use shaume to install CWM recovery (the recovery is in english). Then you can restore any ROM you want. (For some reason the internal sd is labelled sdcard2). It worked for me.

          • Niko

            okay thanks man, already got the mtk usb driver, flash tool and scatter file from umi forum, can’t wait till my phone arrived in hope so a week

      • ajay

        is battery lasting a day? how much talk time are you getting?

        • Carl

          There is actually a newer ROM from the same guy than the one posted here. It is called “umifinal” at the download page. It has google service as separate package. You find on the page with the must comments at the umi ROM forum.

          Shuame is in Chinese so kind of hard yes. I only used it to install cwm recovery, there are probably other ways to do that.

          Battery easily lasts a day of normal use, especially with battery saver like juice defender

          • Niko

            can you tell me , step by step how to install cwm on shuame tool ?

            • Carl

              Not sure i remember exactly since everything was in chinese. As I remember:

              When you insert the phone (having schuame running) it installs things to make the phone visible or compatible with schuame (drivers or things).

              It then gives you the options to download many roms for Umi x1 that are on the schuame webpage (and maybe they are even better, try them and post! ) That part is graphical (you just click to download images of the the many roms)

              One thing you could probably do is to installs one of these and you will get cwmr at the sametime. (and it will probably fail to completely flash your phone unless something is different for you.)

              I choose one of the option at the top (maybe the third not sure) which SEEMED to be the one where you choose you own rom fil to install. I choose mine and startet and it started doing so and failed. But before it failed it at least installed cwmr.

              Put your rom on your internal sd and then use cwm and everything works.

              There are some tutorials that i think opens in chrome and you could have them translated.

              good luck

  • Carl

    Thanks for the tip. Found another solution (by accident). Tried to use to install the rom.

    It didn’t work all the way (not sure why) by if you can just get shuame to do anything (a bit tricky when you understand chinese) the first thing it appears to do is to install Clockworkmod Recovery, and that made it for me.

    The rom I installed was the latest samsung look a like from forum. (Called “Lite” then install google services separately, then GPS fix from XDA). For some reason cant get into the site now, maybe temporary.

    Just set language to english.

    The phone is really super smooth, and amazing screen, batter life is a bit short. I use Nova launcher.

    • Paul

      I can’t find the GPS fix you are talking about..

      Does anyone have the link to this?


      • Niko

        go to xda-dev and search for gps.conf file thread, download for your region file, flash it using cwm

    • Niko

      yes it down, maybe going on maintenance, luckily i already download the rom, flash tool (+scatter file), usb driver 🙂
      as the process for root, install cwm, and install custom rom, is the same like other mtk6577 chip based phone
      btw the rom listed there is the same as andi post, already check on it download link is the same (from baidu)

      i can setup a website for these process, if i had a free time, after myphone arrived (but i can’t promise though )

      i don’t know about shuame tool, as it’s in chinese hehe.. but it seem it simplier than using flash tool? and it can root too ?

      or maybe Carl can setup it first as maybe you have gotten your X1 already ?

      btw i used nova too, it’s super smooth on my htc desire v too 🙂

      • rupi99

        Hi Niko,

        did you receive your X1? If yes, maybe you find the time to upload the rom, flash tool (+scatter file), usb driver to a websit. The UMI forum is still down 🙁

  • mike

    Sounds like the umi is a good buy,Iam still waiting for mine (uk) but am enjoying all the posts left about flashing rom,thanks all.

  • raz5652

    recived my UMi X1 today, looks very nice. but i have a problem, following Andi instruction i have installed custom rom, shaun tool didnt work for me, kept getting error. that custom rom is chinese and i did manage to change it to english, but no cwm on it. conected wifi, enabled sim data and tried google play but it wont conect, browsing works fine but google play keeps givin me error server error, what should i do, i want a clean english rom

  • KnullePutte

    Hi those of you you got thr phone or know whether the UMI is:

    1. 16 miilion Colours?
    2. Is the shell of Metal or Plastic?
    3. SD Card Capacity 32 or 64GB?

    I’m really hot for the phone so any answer is much appreciated since different sites got different specifications.


    • Carl

      Its plastic. I’m using a 64gb card, works great (has to be formatted in fat32).

      • KnullePutte

        Thanks Carl, 64 GB wow that sounds cool 🙂

  • Nick

    Where can i download the usbdriver for the umix1?
    Can’t find it on google.

  • Shine

    Hi, there is a GoLauncher as default preinstalled in UMI X1. Do You know if it is (or how) to change the Themes or install some new Themes?

    Reinstall GoLauncher is not possible, because it is in Phone, Use another Theme is not possible, because, there is no GoLauncher installed.

    Can You help please?
    Thank You.

    • Shine

      …and another one Question, can Help please with driver for bluetooth – Windows7. It is not possible to connect the Phone with PC, because, System cannot find Bluetooth Pheripheral driver.

      Thank You much.

  • Francesc

    Hello, well this rom still has a couple of bugs. I suggest you to keep the original mod since it’s really good. If you want better battery life root the phone and install One Power Guard Battery Saver from xda.

    Also if anyone wants to try some cool Rom there’s Lewa Rom which is based in CM and MIUI. You can download here:

    If anyone tries it, could he make a review of it. I have seen in chinese forums that many people is really happy with it. But not many have tried on umi x1, so I’d be interested in knowing how it works in umi x1 since I still have not mine.
    Also take note that it has updates every friday! So enjoy it

    • Carl

      I installed the Lewa OS. I kind of feel it might be a tad slower, hard to say, the stock is really very smooth.

      But the UI is much much better, many little things that makes me prefer it. So using that for now.

  • Richard

    @Nick yep i’m looking for a usb driver too if you find one or anybody else please let us know a link

    Thanks in advance


  • Richard

    Awsome Francesc thanks very much ! 🙂

  • Shine


    I have to say, the GPS in my UMI X1 wont work correctly. I am not possible to connect any Aplication via GPS with satelites.

    This is not good. So, with original ROM, I am not sure if it is possible.

    Do you have another experiences?

    • rupi99


      you are right, the GPS in the UMI X1 it is not usable, it’s scrap. A friend of mine has the Jiayu G3 with the same MTK6577 chip and the GPS works excellent. Another one has a quite unknown Bedove X12, also with MTK6577 and GPS works.
      Meanwhile the official UMI forum has reopened and there are a lot of complaints about GPS.

      I could not understand everything (used Chrome with translation), but I see that even in China the people have problems with GPS. At least with specified production lots.
      Maybe the complaints about GPS were one of the reasons for the closed forum during the last weeks.
      More and more I come to the conclusion that it is a hardware problem.

  • Therin

    I am having trouble getting the ROM to install, I Wiped data and factory restored then went to apply update from SD card chose the i dowloaded and put on my SD card, it starts to install then says “signature verification failed Installation aborted 🙁 what am i possibly doing wrong??

  • Werner

    Hello, I have the same problem. I always get the mesage “e:signature verification failed …”

    It doesnt matter which ROM version I use.
    Any sugesstion?

    My Phone is produced in 20120914.

    best regards Werner

  • karhan

    what happens if the rom automatically unzips like can i zip it back and install it ?

  • minchester

    this rom can use mt6577 n7100 clone?