How to download and install UMi X1 Custom ROM

Lucky shoppers around the world should soon be receiving their UMi X1 Android phones and as all true gadget lovers the first thing most of you will want to do is to install a custom ROM. Well how about this imitation Samsung ROM which brings the UMi X1 a number of updates as well as ROOT access!

This custom ROM for the UMi X1 is based on Android 4.0.4 Ice-cream Sandwich and has been designed to give the look and feel of a Samsung ROM, however it’s not all looks and ROOT access as this custom ROM brings a few important improvements to the X1.


UMi X1 Samsung Custom ROM Features

  1. Improved integration of Google Apps and services.
  2. Streamlined ROM with useless apps removed.
  3. Improved start-up screen and smooth animation.
  4. Power saving functions and improved Wi-Fi scan to increase battery life.
  5. Root Access.
  6. Improved audio (Dolby)


How to install the Samsung UMi X1 custom ROM

[Alert] Please not that you may well void your warranty by installing this ROM and you risk damaging your phone if installed incorrectly. Please proceed at your own risk!
  1. Download the zip package (see below for links)
  2. Do not unzip the file but copy the ZIP directly to SD via USB
  3. Turn off the UMi X1
  4. Hold volume up while pressing the power button. The phone will start in recovery mode.
  5. Use up and down to navigate, “menu” button to select and “back” to return to the previous menu
  6. Select “Clear all data” / restore factory settings
  7. Select your ZIP file which you added to the SD card.
  8. Confirm your choice and wait for the restore to complete
  9. Return to first menu and select “reboot the system” (First start will be slow)
Standard download
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ROM with Google tweaks

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