JiaYu considering to launch JiaYu G3 with TD-SCDMA support

Recently many Chinese resellers have being suggesting that JiaYu will shut up shop and will no longer produce the JiaYu G3, however official news from JiaYu suggests something totally different!

I’ve read many comments on GC from readers saying that JiaYu are going to either stop production of phones all together or are going to stop producing the JiaYu G3. At the time of reading these comments my gut feeling was that dropshippers and resellers in China just can’t get hold of this popular phone and are making excuses, and it seems I was right.

Not only are JiaYu gearing up to launch the upgraded JiaYu G2S, but the company are also mulling over the idea of making a new model which will work on China’s TD-SCDMA 3G network.

If the new JiaYu G3 phone does launch it will use MediaTek’s new MT6517 CPU so that is can run on the China only network while the rest of the JiaYu G3 hardware and features will remain the same as the regular MT6577 version.

While the development of the MT6517 version of the G3 will only excite those of us in China, the fact that JiaYu are still making the G3 and are open to developing the phone should prove to international buyers that they are still very much producing this highly popular phone.

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