JiaYu G5 leaked image reveals iPhone styling

JiaYu G5 leaked image reveals iPhone styling


The JiaYu G5 is a phone which is going to hit headlines for all the wrong reasons, as the Chinese start-up have decided to base the phone on the iPhone 5 design, but with larger 4.5-inch display!

Jiayu’s decision to give the G5 an iPhone 5 appearance is a very odd move, as their current range has proven popular without them having to stoop to the levels of knock-of phone makers.

The JiaYu G5 is based on the current iPhone, iPhone 5’s, design but will feature a larger 4.5-inch screen and wider body. The iconic physical home button of iOS devices has been replaced with capacitive Android buttons, and there are some other differences in the positioning of the power button and mute switch, but despite these changes the similarities are too close for comfort, and could warrant further investigation by Apple lawyers.

As for the specs, the hardware seems very close to that of the JiaYu G4 in that both phones boast MT6589 CPU’s, 2GB RAM, a 13 mega-pixel rear camera and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

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  • Jevus

    Awful, also, the background its from S3, what happen jiayu? you used to be cool 🙁

    • truth

      If Apple dont want to make a bigger phone i dont see any problem with some company making the same phone bigger ,people are into big screen phones and it would have done apple good if they had made a bigger phone,personally I would buy one with this screen size ..

  • Airyl

    Cool, I could definitely use this to show off to my Iphone totting friends. They would be so pissed

  • xxx

    Because there is still big market for that kind of phones. JiaYu wants to cover it all, so it’s realesing a range of models this year (G4,G5,S1, and there also was a G6 or G7 tablet).

  • teja


    i am happy to see this kinda design . i don’t like my i-phone 4s home button and these days i am little eager to buy a iphone clone with android os and planning to buy goophone ieager 5 quad core but all of a sudden a iphone like device with android keys and iphone style body and Samsung wall paper … a bill deal for me … i’ll buy two for sure … and lastly its just a wall paper u can change it dude .

  • Nam

    Love to see an iPhone-style phone in a big size. Maybe I will consider to buy it if Jiayu still keep their competitive price. A question is they used to have problem with their supply chain, so whether they can provide G4, G5 and S1 in time ? I ordered a G3 phone and have waited 3 months to get it.

  • lukis

    “the JiaYu G4 in that both phones … Android 4.1 Jelly Bean”

    Little wrong! 🙂 JiaYu G4 will have Android 4.2 by JiaYu’s official web page of G4-phone (and not 4.1).

    Небольшая ошибочка! Согласно официальной странице данного смартфона, JiaYu G4 будет иметь Андрюшу 4.2, а не 4.1 🙂

  • xxx

    Nope, it’s just me, Chuck Testa.
    Android 4.1

  • Manos

    Well I have a G2S and its a good phone… Jiayu now need to make too many new phones I hope they are good and the price stay low as it is now

  • Dudebro

    Andi you think it will be the same than the G4 or more expensive? it does have a smaller screen

  • kaskuser

    not like iphone 5, it’s looked like my umi x1

  • Jan M

    The later iphones have always tended to have a good, solid look and feel designwise, regarding that you’re into the more square’ish corners, straight lines and surfaces.

    That being said – one should reconsider calling this G5 an Iphone clone. A clone is meant to be identical, the differences here between the Iphone 5 and JiaYu G5 are quite obvious and clear. And, it won’t be boasting an iOS-look rom.

    Going by the clone statement – you might just as well say that 4 out of 5 (nonintentional clone) phones out of china the last few years – are all clones of the Samsung Galaxy S and Note series. Thats just ridiculous.

  • Jiayu G4 or Jiayu G5 ?