JiaYu G4 Benchmarks leaked?

JiaYu G4 Benchmarks leaked?


JiaYu G4 fever continues! After further leaked photos of the real phone, these suspiciously photoshopped looking, benchmarks for the phone have appeared.

There is no question in my mind that these images were made by someone with a vague knowledge of Photoshop, but could they actually represent the real benchmarks of the quad-core JiaYu G4?

Purported leaks in the past have had quad-core MT6589 phones achieve Antutu scores ranging from 9866 and 13,656, so a score of 12,898 would have the JiaYu G4 around average for a next gen MTK phone.

Personally though we hope to see something a little more from the G4. Could JiaYu great the 14,000 mark?

Thank to Kyan for the tip!

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  • I think that’s what Ying Hua meant by “suspiciously photoshopped” 😉

  • teja

    NEO N003 – Engineering device pics leaked




  • Doug Lawson

    I am new to the newsletter, when will the Jia Yu G4 flagship be available? Also several of the mt 6589. How do I choose which one? The knock off Samsung GS3 mini also looks great. Help with the choice!

  • Kyan

    Thanks for making the article 🙂

    They do look suspiciously photoshopped, though the results do seem realistic.