Update: It was a knock-off! Xiaomi Mi2 battery explodes!

Update: It was a knock-off! Xiaomi Mi2 battery explodes!


Today I can’t put my phone in my trouser pocket! No, I haven’t just downloaded a super addictive Android game, and no I’m not busy snapping photos with the excellent rear camera! The reason it won’t go in my pocket is the fear of it exploding!

Reports have come in of a Xiaomi owner in Chongqing who was shocked to see their quad-core Mi2 explode! To be more accurate the battery appears to have overheated to the point that it melted through the plastic rear shell!

xiaomi mi2 battery explodes

Luckily the owner of the phone didn’t have it in hand, or pocket when the incident occurred, but this hasn’t stopped hundreds of thousands of Xiaomi Mi2 owners to keep a safe distance from their phones.

Suggested causes include the use of grey market or fake batteries, or even that the phone itself wasn’t a genuine Xiaomi to begin with! Whatever the reason we’re sure that Xiaomi are working to find the reason.

UPDATE: it is now being reported that the Xiaomi Mi2 which exploded was actually a knock-off phone and not a genuine Xiaomi phone. [ Source ]

This is how a real Xiaomi Mi2 should look:

These are photos of the fake which exploded:

If you think you might have a Xiaomi Mi2 clone use our guide here to check for tell tale signs!

[ Source ]
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  • Mee

    Li-On battery are very volatile and can easily overheat and explode! In the early days where most of the Li-On battery were manufactured in Japan lots of incidents of battery explosion! Now, with modern manufacturing process and battery protection circuitry, incidences of meltdown or explosion are uncommon. Nearly all Li-On battery packs have protection circuit built in.

  • zdanee

    Can I say it was an Airbus battery or is it too soon?

  • I’ve seen a 6-cell 22.2v 5000mah Li-Polymer RC battery literally EXPLODE in front of me. Scary stuff LOL.

    And the one in my old HTC Prophet got very fat one day and stopped working.

    • Updated reports are saying it was a fake Xiaomi Mi2 which exploded. My Mi2 can safely be placed in my trouser pocket once more 🙂

      • guapper

        trouser pocket is a good place for early detection of troubles anywayz.
        but one must be quick to respond. 😉

    • joe

      Are you sure it didn’t just metaphorically explode?

  • androhuman

    lolz andi you are such a chicken (joking!!!!!) LOLZ I am an Indian and in India a battery bust is the 2nd most common thing you will see after cow’s sitting on road.(joking again) see these kind of things happen so better not buy these kind of chines phone I know they are very lusting and enough to pull a consumer to itself still a BRAND IS A BRAND

  • XrainX

    Any smartphone in the world can explode because of a bad battery.
    So I think your title is not fair against Xiaomi. You should use a generic title even in the story is about some FAKE Xiaomi.

    And also you can consider that the user made a hole in the smartphone to the battery just to make it explode.