Ultimate Xiaomi Mi2 clone, Verne V5 launching April for $128 with JiaYu...

Ultimate Xiaomi Mi2 clone, Verne V5 launching April for $128 with JiaYu G4 level hardware!


Ultimate Xiaomi Mi2 clone, Verne V5 launching April for $128 with JiaYu G4 level hardware!

The Verne V5 made an appearance earlier this month in the form of a rendering, but these spy photos are the first we have seen of the real phone which looks remarkably like the Xiaomi Mi2.

According to the most up to date reports the Verne V5 will be available for pre-order soon with the first batch of 1000 phones due to ship at the start of April. We don’t have a confirmed specification for the V5, but previous rumours talk of a 5-inch 720HD OGS screen, 13 mega-pixel rear camera, quad-core MT6589 CPU, 1GB RAM and Android 4.2, very similar to the JiaYu G4!

verne v5 rear

From the leaked photos here it looks as though the manufacturers behind the Verne V5 have been influenced by the design of the current Xiaomi Mi2 and also the marketing behind the hugely popular quad-core phone, and have posted photos showing off the strength of the packaging.

verne v5 packaging

So how much will a Verne V5 set you? Again according to the latest report it will cost just 799 Yuan ($128) which is a bargain in our book!

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  • Ward

    It’s a nice alternative for Jiayu G4 Youth, definitely with that pricing tag!

  • Marius

    But does it have Gorilla Glass ? Is this company on the same level as Jaiyu ? Will it provide firmware updates and all that ?
    I for one would rather wait for the G4.

  • Eli

    according to the official site it’s going to cost 899 Yuan and the specs are:

    Android 4.2.1
    MT6589 1.2GHz
    5-inch IPS OGS 720P
    1GB RAM + 4GB ROM which can be expended by 32GB MicroSD
    8MP rear + 1.3MP front camera
    141.8 x 72.8 x 9.2mm, 175g, 2400mAh
    3G WCDMA 850MHz/900MHz/1,900MHz/2,100MHz HSPA+ 42Mbps
    GSM 850MHz/900MHz/1,800MHz/1,900MHz

    source: http://www.v5zn.cn/spec.php?id=1

    • Lola

      2400 mAh that’s really nice

  • it has a 8 mp camera, you can browse their site http://www.v5zn.cn

    • Thanks for that 🙂

  • Dave

    Sweet! Only 130$…Now where can it be ordered? I want one

  • Lola

    wow very nice phone..but some info on the company would be much apreciated

  • ArthurLeRoy

    its huge in comparison to jiayu. but its a 5incher though…

  • Very nice. I like the price too 🙂

  • sotong

    Where can I buy? The phone’s website appears to accept orders from local residents only. Similar to Xiaomi site, no international purchase/delivery.

  • Amit

    Hi andy,

    Any news on the availability of this phone with international re seller?

  • I’ve ordered one from Merimobiles, should be with me next week. Price vs specs, this phone looks hard to beat!