Newman N3 leaked photos promises similar design to the Xiaomi Mi3

Since the launch of their MTK powered Newman K1, Newman have been a little quite, but that is all about to change as leaked photos of the Newman N3 have finally emerged.

Newman have been manufacturing quality consumer electronics for years, but it has only been the past year and a half that they have taken the plunge and started to produce Android smarpthones.

The current flagship Newman N2, which boasts a 13 mega-pixel rear camera and quad-core Samsung Exynos CPU, has been a while for quite a while and a refresh is expected to hit day now. Whether it will look like the phone in these recent spy photos though is another matter.

Chinese media are calling the leaked Newman N3 the “Panda” due to the white and black colour scheme. From what we can see in the images the N3 appears to be very similar in design to the JiaYu G4 and the leaked images of the Xiaomi Mi3, even down the aggressively tapered sides.

We know little else about the phone past the design, but we guess that a larger, higher resolution display will be in place along with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Could the Newman N3 get the latest Octa core Samsung chip found in the S4, or will they head down a Qualcomm Snapdragon route?

Let us know your ideas below!

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