FAEA F1 Penguin Unboxing Video

FAEA F1 Penguin Unboxing Video


The FAEA F1 Penguin launched in China last month as the world’s cheapest Android phone with NFC. Here is an unboxing video of the phone, plus short hands on.

The FAEA F1 Penguin is a smart looking Android phone, and at the price quite an attractive handset! Highlights of this Chinese Android phone include a Qualcomm chipset, Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, 1GB RAM, built-in NFC, 4.5-inch display and 8 mega-pixel rear camera.

FAEA are working on launching an international site where the F1 Penguin is scheduled to launch very soon at around the $150 mark! And yes that is the international price!

Watch the FAEA F1 Penguin hands on video

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  • Joosie200

    Nice to see this unboxing. To my surprise I encounter two batteries instead of hte listed one battery you’ll get most of the time if you search for the Faea F1 in webshops online. If Faea will list the F1 in their shop with two batteries included I know enough 😉

    • SYHMS

      No offence but another shitty Chinese name again. I couldn’t even give a meaning the name of this phone.

      • Airyl

        Not like Samsung or Sony have any meaning. Faea sounds pretty good for a chinese device.

  • Judah

    Ok this must be a good phone for my wife(:

  • Hey it’s me 🙂

    • Airyl

      Hey it’s you! 😀

      Nice unboxing, can’t wait for your review! I’ve got a few questions if you have the time to answer them.

      How is the build quality on it? Is it solid or is it sloppily built? Also, that breathing light ring looks nice, but I saw it flashing green in the video. What does that mean? Thanks in advance!

      • I will have your 2 first questions answered in my review video.. For the light I really don’t know what it means 🙁

  • Patrick

    Looks nice, but then looking at the specs, another ‘oh, not again’ moment. On GSM it only support three frequencies. And on WCDMA only one. It don’t see why they should bother with setting up an international website.

  • i1fang

    45nm processor. Chinese forums are hammering the battery life. And strange, international site didnt mention about dual sim.

  • claudio

    antutu score of this phone ?

  • thierry

    having the phone for two days now i must say it feels and handles very good

    some of the cons: -back camera is not great, greenisch pictures and oversaturated light. actually the lower resolution front cameras pictures are better
    – power button looks kindof cheap, sticks out a little too much and is whiter than the backcover
    – heats up sometimes, feel hot from both sides.. dunno which activity caused it. handy for a cold winterday

    pros: -no bloatware, no bugs in the firmware discovered yet, nicedesign,
    – persona on ppsspp runs nice,
    -screen is black when phone is off (compared to my greyish newman n1) so the whole front panel looks nice and black.., design in general is very nice
    – speaker sound is nice and crisp
    – screeen is rather nice
    – browsing on the net is fast, noticeably faster then on the newman n1

    Didnt try how fast the gps fixes yet…

    • Mateus

      And what about apps compatibility? Since this phone uses a rather outdated gpu I’m a bit skeptical on how far one could go with this.

      P.S: if it isn’t bothering you too much, could you test ho this phone perform with emulators?

      • thierry

        Hi Mateus. Antutu gives it about a 10300 score so conventional emulators like gb, gbcolor, snes, n64 and psp shoudl run fine. I only tested the new psp emu and i must say the games i tried are playable (triend only puzzle bobble and persona3, shin megami tensei crashed). Might try wipeout and post an update but it’s my girlfriend’s phone so i’m not planning to start testing all emus.

        For it being 45nm device the batery life is good i must say, or at least much better than my newman n1 1750 mah dual core device. It lasted more then a day with extensive use. (Candycruuuuush)

        As for apps… dunno much more apps are appearing on the google play store compared to any of my older android devices that have allwinner, rockchip or mtk cpus…

        • Mateus

          Thanks dude. If it’s working with psp it is very likely that it will do well with old-school systems. Guess i’ll be buying this phone once mine stops working.

  • Jam

    Hi guys, please where did you buy it anexonel and thierry, because lot of site are fake, can you paste a link, thanks !!

    • thierry

      Android inside not being sure i could trust them but appears it’s okay 🙂

      • Jam

        Thierry you buy it at Android inside? or you didn’t buy it, lol

        • thierry

          I did buy it from android-inside Jam. Payed the 4 dollar extra for the shipping so it got delivered in 9 days by fedex.

    • Mateus

      You could buy directly from faea website as linked above ‘-‘

      • Jam

        It’s a fake website Mateus, look at the facebook link

  • ganz_24

    Prompt please, the center button is backlit, or that “play of light”?