CHUWI Mini Pad V88 makes a great iPad mini alternative

CHUWI Mini Pad V88 makes a great iPad mini alternative


The Chinese Android tablet has really struggled to find it’s niche and take off, but with the advent of smaller 7-inch devices such as the CHUWI Mini Pad V88 things a looking up!

Ever since the original iPad launched, Chinese manufacturers have tried to emulate it’s success with low-cost Android units. The original Chinese Android tablets were (for want of a better word) terrible, but the new breed of 7-inch options have really shown Chinese manufacturers the root to take.

The CHUWI Mini Pad V88 is another iPad mini inspired Android tablet, but like many of the other options out there the CHUWI is more affordable and decked out with better hardware.

A 1.8Ghz quad-core Rockchp RK3188 processor with Mali 400 GPU and 2GB RAM ensures Antutu scroes are well in the 17,000 range and a 7.9-inch 1024 x 768 display offers enough clarity without eating into the 4000mAh battery to quickly.

Just as the iPad mini has dual cameras so does the CHUWI with a 0.3MP front camera and 5 mega-pixel rear, but this being an Android tablet you also get support for a 32GB SD card, 1 x micro USB and 1 x HDMI out.

Chuwi Mini Pad V88 hands on Videos

OrientDeal have to together the above videos of the CHUWI Mini Pad V88 in action, more hands on videos can been seen here on their product page where the tablet can by ordered for just $164.59.


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  • Pete

    A friend bought this Tab 3-4 weeks ago and it is really good, no matter. BUT the quality of the Alu isn’t always perfect, sharp corners, but the biggest problem is Wifi. Because of the ALU it reduces the distance of Wifi connection and he can go maybe 3 meters away and looses Wifi. So ALU is good, but not the best for Wifi. Anyway, the rest is pretty Awesome.

    • Markoff

      actually this is problem of almost all chinese tablets, you will hardly get wifi signal anywhere, espeially with full metal back plate, so you should always opt for plastic back plate or at least small strip of plastic which will no completely block the wifi signal

      if you don’t care about warranty, you can at least ground the metal back plate so it won’t block the microwaves + replace the internal crappy antenna often soldered very bad to board and move it to better location inside tablet

      just bought after long thinking Teclast A11 (759RMB rooted), with almost full metal back plate, but at least there is plastic strip so I will get some signal maybe 7-8 meters away from router (as the crow flies or man walks) through wooden doors/concrete walls (doors are the easiest obstacle on the way), getting 71-80dB signal on mixed b/g/n mode of router 20MHz and chosen the least noisy channel according Wifi analyzer (try to change modes of your router + channel, it can somehow improve your wifi signal)

      • Markoff

        btw. if I knew how heavy is 680g I would sacrifice that 10.1″ display and go for 8″ which you can get already with 350-420g, one of the candidates would be Teclast P88HD with RK3188, 1GB RAM, 16GB ROM, 1024×768 and rooted for 809RMB on Taobao

  • Cuong

    True that
    i have one and i am really satisfied

  • ozp

    there is the V88S model, newer but only 1GB RAM. Report says that WIFI is better

  • alexcee

    This is my tab since 2 months, faboulous! With thw new custom rom 5.0 by Oma rocks (xda developer) it has the 2.0 SDK support and the Android MultiWindows! With 4.2.2 no more wifi problem or freeze. RK3188 is the best lowprice CPU 😉

  • Jeremiah Yong

    what about the new chuwi ice green titanium model? is it any good?