Oppo N1 Teaser reveals rear touchpanel!

Oppo have posted a teaser image on their Twitter account which shows the Oppo N1 will feature a rear touch panel.

Oppo haven’t been particularly secretive about the new Oppo N1 which will launch next month, and have been updating their social networks with various teaser images. Today’s teaser brings a rear touchpanel to the mix!

The idea of a rear touchpanel isn’t at all new, but on the Oppo N1 it makes a little more sense as the phone will be used more as a camera allowing for more onscreen space and fewer thumbs and fingers to get in the way of the main screen when taking a photo.

Oppo will launch the Oppo N1 in September where it will share the spotlight with the Xiaomi Mi3, Meizu Mx3 and others.

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