4GB RAM, Snapdragon 800 Hasee super phone to cost just $293! Full...

4GB RAM, Snapdragon 800 Hasee super phone to cost just $293! Full specifications


Further details of the 4GB RAM Hasee super phone have emerged including a detailed specification sheet and pricing.

Hasee are a Chinese electronics company specialising in extremely affordable laptop and desktop computers, they are now believed to be using their expertise to enter the Chinese smartphone market with a low-cost Android super phone with 4GB RAM!

We have reported on the Hasee phone in the past but a recent specification sheet for the new handset has appeared giving full specifications and pricing.

Hasee Android smartphone specifications

hasee snapdragon 800 4gb phone

According to the leaked document the Hasee phone will feature a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, Adreno 330 graphics, 4GB RAM, 16/32GB memory, 5-inch 1080 display, 5 mega-pixel front camera, 13 mega-pixel rear, Android 4.3, 2500mAh battery and measure 141.8 x 68.8 x 8.86mm.

The specification details go on to mention a retail price for 1799 Yuan ($293) and a launch scheduled for later this year!

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  • Konged

    Now that if it turns out to be true and if it is a reliable product with reasonable availability will surely cause a price crash on the MTK based devices

  • 4GB RAM??? I thought my eyes were playing tricks the first time I read this, but lo and behold, it really wasn’t. Now this is certainly the phone for me … hehe.

    On a second thought, I need to upgrade my laptop RAM to 32GB. Cant have the same amount of RAM on my laptop and phone … LOL

    • zenolijo

      I have 4gb ram on my gaming desktop, it’s more than enough when using linux!
      As long as you are not using more than 4 video editing softwares at the same time, you won’t need more than 8gbs of ram. Just a waste of money

      • Well, I do lots of 3D graphics modeling/animations with 3dsmax 2013/Maya 2013/Softimage 2013/Cinema 4D R14 and also 2D photo editing with Photoshop CS6. Video editing with Hitfilm 2 Ultimate, After effects, Premiere pro cs6 on my windows 8 x64. Maya 2013/Softimage 2013/Cinema 4D R14 for 3d graphics modeling/animations and Final Cut PRo X/After effects/Premiere Pro cs6 for vide editing on Mac OS X 10.9 on same laptop.

        If you use any of these really hefty applications, you will seriously understand the need for 32GB of RAM on your computer. Gaming dont use much RAM dude.

      • Alberto

        Gaming desktop on Linux, nice joke.

  • Xiaolu


    Launch with dual boot Android + Ubuntu for phones and SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!

    • kleautzak


    • CPO

      Yeah then its officially a computer when you plug it into a TV. Has no one told the Chinese companies yet that we REALLY REALLY want that?

      Everything is going that way obviously anyway, lets pick up the pace here. Lots of people would just buy a phone that can be plugged into a TV and used as a computer if they could instead of a phone and a computer. People who want both can buy both still, but a lot of people right now only have money for one or the other. Look how many people right now who only get online by their phones and they don’t have computers.

      I’m sure Apple is looking into it. Not sure if Samsung has figured it out yet, they seem like kind of a bloated and slow, not to mention cowardly company.

  • junior_poa

    I agree!! Take my money!!!

  • anony

    Won’t happen. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Marius

      Totally agree with this. I don’t believe this will happen. That being said it would be nice to have a cheaper Snapdragon model from a Chinese company, something like the Google Nexus 4 would be nice.
      I’m kinda fed up with all the MTK phones.

      • Greg

        Agreed. One thing that has kept my HTC Sensation going for two years now is the excellent developer support, in addition to features like MHL that are so useful but so many MTK phones lack. At the moment Qualcomm SoCs just get better support from the developer community (though I know the MTK fanbase will grow in the coming months).

        If Hasee can really achieve this price point then it would demonstrate just how badly Westerners are being ripped off by Samsung/HTC etc for their devices. My guess is it will be at least $500 in Europe – hope I’m wrong though 😉

        • anony

          American company like Motorola and Google aren’t much better in that regard.

        • mohan

          What about apple??

          • anony

            They’re the worst of the bunch, but I’ll acknowledge that they’re usually the first that push new tech that other company eventually mimic and improve it themselves.

        • zenolijo

          Sadly, this is not true.
          The reason why phones with snapdragon processors are much more supported is because qualcomm are much much better with giving out (at least some) source code and linux kernel build scripts.
          This won’t happen with MTK because they simply dont.
          For example, look at all the alwinner a10 tablets, they have amazing support for different roms and i have even had both arch, debian and ubuntu on my Ainol Novo 7 Elf II which i bought last year.

          It’s not about how many people has the phone, it’s about how much the company helps with the source code

  • Notabodybuilder

    Last time a thougt 195 g weigth would be a false but it is standing still there:
    195 g!!! *wtf*

  • Manish

    If it is Hassen , please don’t doubt them, I have worked with them and know them since last 10years, what they say they will bring. They always think different and are very aggressive. The where first to launch AIO PC much before any other vendor thought of it. The quality is reasonably good. I will wait for this one..

    • Manish

      Opps I missed spelled Hasee, sorry.

      • Marius

        I’m not saying it won’t be for sale. I’m just wondering about the date and even more so about the price.

  • I believe them. However, I don’t think it’ll happen earlier than Q1 2014.

  • IZZY

    sorry for my lack of knowledge here, is snapdragon 800 the best processor on the market?

    • kleautzak

      yes, as far as i know it is.

  • kleautzak

    any sources Andi????

    • There were also some other tech sites talking about this yesterday. Once I have some more news I’ll post it.

      • kleautzak

        why do you live in China anyway? You look you’re from Britain?
        Correct me if i’m wrong

  • Mark

    Jiayu said on their forum that because of the way Android handles memory, 2gb of ram could not be fully utilized. Which led to a lot of pissed off posts from people who had waited for the advanced G4. So why is this other company releasing a 4gb phone?

    • anony

      Maybe it’s Jiayu that’s full of s***?

    • CPO

      Even if it couldn’t be fully utilized, why wouldn’t they do it at all? Even if it was 50% utilized after 2gb, having 4 gb would be the equivalent of 3gb ram, which is still better than any other phone on the market.

      I’ll have to go look at the forum over there and see what all was said in depth.

    • Marius

      Because they want to impress with the specs ? As far as I know the ARM cpu is a 32 bit one so 4GB is really the maximum and I’m not even sure it can really use all 4GB , maybe more like 3GB so yeah … marketing or BS or something.

    • thorun

      if some 4gb devices starts to appear, people will figure out a software to handle it.
      it was the same with pcs.. windows xp only had support for 3gb ram, and then they launch better os

  • CPO

    The way things are going right now, in 2016 the Chinese companies are gonna be producing phones that are twice as thin with longer battery life than the Galaxy S6.

    This last stretch of 2013 is having them announce the smallest bezel phones in the world, the thinnest phones in the world, right now the fastest phones in the world, on and on. Highest def screen in the world on a phone. Biggest screen phone, biggest battery phone.

    I’m very bullish on Chinese cell phones. Most of the people in the US lost trust back in the day and think Chinese companies are only making bootlegs and shoddy products. They are in for a huge awakening. Its all gonna be water under the bridge once they start seeing these new products, nobody is gonna care what China did in the past, they are only gonna be concerned with what they are doing right now and in the future.

    These cell phones they are putting out right now are what’s gonna put China on the map. These aren’t knock offs, they are doing it all by themselves, with their own designs. Why do you think that Google guy just jumped to Xiaomi? He knows whats up. Google wanted to get legit devices into peoples hands as cheap as possible, and the Chinese companies held their own. Samsung and Apple could be out of business by 2015 for all we know if these phones start catching on. They don’t charge so much for what they are selling as the main players in the gravy train cash cow that is the American cell phone marketplace.

  • Sunshine

    As far as I understand, the current 32bit processors only support up to 3gb of ram. So it is most likely a fake… sadly 🙁

    • ayan

      current android 32-bit architecture supports up to 4 gigs,not 3, and this isn’t a fake either.

  • ching

    2014 now. Did this phone ever came out?