Spy photos: Innos D10 phone has 6000mAh battery!

Spy photos: Innos D10 phone has 6000mAh battery!


Never have to worry where your charger or USB cable is ever again, Chinese phone maker Innos are testing the Innos D10 with 6000mAh battery!

Chinese phone maker Innos are currently testing a new Android phone which they hope will be the master of all endurance phones thanks to a huge battery pack. We have seen some phones with large batteries before but these spy photos show that the Innos D10 will pack a 6000mAh battery! The biggest batter we have ever seen in an Android smartphone to date!

Innos D10 Specifications

innos d10 6000mah

innos d10 6000mah

The rest of the hardware included energy efficient choices such as a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8625Q Quad Core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 5-inch 1280 x 720 display, as well as an 8 mega-pixel rear camera, dual SIM support and room for a 32GB SD card.

Even with that large, thick 6000mAh battery the dimensions of the Innos D10 are 141 x 68.7 x 11.8mm and a claimed weight of 145g.

Thanks Julie!

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  • kiro

    i like this. i wonder when it will be release. hopefully not next year. do you have any hint at the price andy?

  • Ubelai

    Wow this looks completely horrible haha.
    Making batteries bigger instead of making battery cells better, damn.

    • Jan M

      Lithium batteries as the marked knows today, are about as energy efficient as they can get. A group of students at a university in the US, came up with a new concept this spring; basicly a 3D mesh-like network of anodes and cathodes, “immersed” in the lithium-polymer (etc) solution. While still in prototype state, this works very well – and only need to iron out a few kinks (immens numbers of anodes/cathodes, and zero fault tolerance) before it can go into large-scale commercial production. Unless hampered by exsisting marked agents – due to the fact that it is “only” a further development of an already exsisting technology, they hope to be able to start making consumer batteries with this technology, as early as late 2014.

      Now the juicy bit; A battery constructed like this – has the theoretical capacity of 30 times more, than its current “equivalent” batteries (same size/weight). Also (although mostly affecting industry and electical cars) – they can (in theory) take a charge up to 1000 times faster than todays batteries.

      Not only is this a GIANT, historical leap in battery development, and we could possibly have Tegra 5 phones lasting 4-5 days of abuse… we might even have electrical, full-size cars with single-charge range WAY surpassing gasoline/diesel cars. They would still take forever to charge up (unless you have superconductors in your garage 😉 – but they’re working on it 🙂

  • smokey

    where is the picture of the backcover?

  • foggyflute

    why not take all internal up to the top, leave all the bottom for battery so we can have a flat back?

  • Mark

    I’m not sure why you would need this as even after a day of heavy use on my 3000mah g4, the battery stays over 70%

    • DavidM

      Really? Then am getting a G4 too. But wait a minute, with the Innos D10 after a day’s use that might be like 97% juice left. Iam getting both!!

  • murak

    I like the fact that bigger batterys are getting more common. But I don’t like that they get medium specs…

  • Airyl

    Interesting. I wouldn’t mind getting this if the price is right.

  • The device actually seems a few months old – a quick google search shows videos and store listings since July.

  • Allanitomwesh

    I think i’m in love!My preciousssssss

  • Nickname

    With 6000mAh battery it will be ~20 mm thick! :S

    • no, the chinese invented a new battery-technologie, but nobody knows yet

  • simon

  • Ravi

    Your Mobil phone very good
    Pl tech this Mobil tk

  • Hey all,
    Check this site: highscreen.org soon it will be there! It has 2 batteries 3000MaH and 6000 MaH and 2 back covers. Sharp LCD with OGS TP. Thickness with 6000 MaH battery -15mm