Take a 3D tour of the Meizu MX3 here!

Take a 3D tour of the Meizu MX3 here!


A talented 3D designer in China has taken the dimensions of the new Meizu MX3 and created an interactive 3D model, check it out here!

The below interactive 3D model gives us a great look around the Meizu MX3 which launched yesterday evening. Although a little dark in places, it is a great piece of work considering the newness of the phone, and it especially good for people wanting to get a real feel of the phone before they are available to look at in the shops!

We’ve embedded the code so you can drag and the Meizu MX3 model around to have a look at it at every angle.

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  • Marc

    Why all this new phone are single SIM, MX3, MI3, N1

    small bezel, dual sim cards + 4G is the way to go

    Some new phone will be welcome

  • Jerry

    And including WCDMA 900Mhz! It looks that Chinese can´t made a phone with good specs, 900Mhz WCDMA and dual SIM! I have been waiting it more than year.
    Am I right? Please tell, if not!

    • George

      TCL Idol X is dual sim with 900Mhz WCDMA support 😉

    • Simon

      I agree. I’m waiting almost a year for a 5 to 5,5 inch phone with dual sim and good specs that support WCDMA 900 as i would like to insert polish AERO2 card (that is free internet in Poland and operates on 900 frequency)

      • kzm

        You should see Ninetology U9. They have 5.0 and 5.7 inch…also support wcdma 900/2100

  • Jerry

    But still missing SD memory slot, Gorilla glass and also battery is little bit too small. It is coming to heavy work use!

  • Jerry

    I mean TCL Idol X :)!