ZTE Eyes wearable smart technology

ZTE are currently the 5th largest phone makers in the world, and with the growing interested in wearable technology they hope to become number 1.

ZTE USA CEO Licing Cheng has gone on the record saying his company is very interested in the growth surrounding wearable technology and that ZTE will “definitely” be getting involved in the market. As well as obviously producing their own wearable devices such as ZTE/Nubia branded smart watches, ZTE also hope to attract other manufactures by producing purpose made components for their new technology.

Gizchina News of the week

geak smartwatch

Currently Sony and Samsung are the main manufactures of smart watches, but other companies are also making waves including start-ups such as Omate and Chinese manufacturer Geak.

For the Chinese phone makers hoping to go global, Android smart watches could be the perfect first device to capture international awareness.

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