HDC Beloved Honey a dual quad-core phone or is it ‘shenanigans’?

According to (highly dubious) sources the HDC Beloved Honey boast 2 x quad-core MT6582 processors to create a makeshift octa-core phone, we are calling ‘Shenanigans’!

This review (posted by a site owned by another with a rather poor honesty rating) claims that the latest HDC phone, the Beloved Honey, is a new breed of 8-core phone! Rather than just using an 8-core MT6592 processor like others the review claims the phone uses 2 x MT6582 quad-core chipsets!

We highly doubt this for a number of reasons including price, software issues, compatibility issues with Android, and the fact it just makes no sense what so ever! What is even more strange is the fact that the phone actually looks pretty good and if marketed with accurate hardware specs would likely sell like  ‘hot cakes’!

Anyway back to the ‘review’ which claims the phone also has 2GB RAM, 4GB memory, Android 4.3, 5-inch display, dual 13 mega-pixel cameras and 2500mAh battery for $219. If you do decide to order the HDC do so with a large dose of hope and good will and let us know how it turns out.

Thanks to James for the tip!

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