Open Thread: What’s the first thing you test on an Android phone?

Android smartphones are amazingly feature packed. HD displays, huge performance, amazing cameras! These are some of the things we are treated to with our new phones, but of all the features which is the first one you test out when you get a phone in your hands?

Whether it’s at the mall, or when unpacking your new purchase, everyone has a set routine when it comes to Android phones. Rip open the packaging, tear off the screen cover, insert the battery (if applicable) and SIM, power it up and then….. then what?

Well this is where many of us tend to differ. With phone your not common with in your hands what is it you do first?

What do we test first on our Android phones

To get the ball rolling I asked some of the GizChina team about their usual habits when getting a smartphone in their hands. As I’m writing this I’ll first:


For my personal everyday use I’m not that bothered by the sheer grunt of a phone, the most important aspect is the rear camera. When getting another phone in my hands for review, a friend’s phone or when in the store, the first thing I do is fire up the camera app and snap some photos.


First impressions are important to me and it’s the scree which speaks volumes about any phone. It has to be bright, clear and have amazing viewing angles. Once I know the screen is up to scratch I test the front camera and take a few selfies.


Here’s what I do: I usually check the screen for any dead pixels or creaking around the body, and then test the overall snappiness (UI transitions, app loading time) and lastly of course, the rear camera.

Mario (

For me the first thing I test is the touchscreen. I hate it if a screen isn’t smooth, it ruins the whole user experience. After the screen the camera is tested.

Eduardo (

The first thing I test in an Android phone is the launcher and the browser to see if the normal use of the phone is smooth or not.For the browser I open a website and zoom in and out to see how it works. Also the rear camera is important to me so I took a very close to an object photo to see the near focus.

Now it’s your turn, what do you try first?

So now it’s over to you guys, what is the most important aspect of a smartphone to you? what do you test first, and what is it that can really put you off using a device?

Our last ‘Open Thread’ article received over 200 amazing comments, let’s see if we can beat that!

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