Popular messaging app WeChat banned in Iran

Thanks to what is reported to be a govt. directive, Iranian citizens will now lose access to WeChat.

Iran, like a few other countries like China and Pakistan, is rather sensitive to social media and networks similar. Nationals of many a country have had to give up a lot of their internet freedom owing to such directives, which usually cite the ‘open nature’ of such platform that might be misused. Coming back to Iran and WeChat, the latter is a popular messaging app with its roots in China, with over 100 million of its users based outside the country.

Following govt. directives, Internet Service Providers in Iran have blocked access to the site. According to Tech in Asia, the ban was put 5 days ago. This move by the Iranian govt. has provoked people to speak up against internet censorship, and many have taken to other means of social media like Twitter (which ironically is banned as well; proxy servers to the rescue) in a bid to have their voices heard.

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