Vivo Xplay 3S confirmed to go on full sale 6th March

Vivo Xplay 3S confirmed to go on full sale 6th March

vivo xplay 3s launch

After numerous false starts and a small 1000 unit sale, Vivo are finally ready to launch their flagship Vivo Xplay 3S in China.

Last week, after to delayed launches, Vivo released 1000 Vivo Xplay 3S phones resulting in every unit selling out in just 0.35 seconds! Obviously customers were left less than satisfied, but there isn’t long to wait unit the full release begins.

Today Vivo confirmed that Chinese customers will be able to order and pay for their Vivo Xplay 3S phone through E-commere sites, Jingdong, and Suning and can receive their 6-inch, Snapdragon phone by the 10th March.

As it stands the Vivo Xplay 3S is the only phone on sale today with a 2k QHD 2560 x 1440 resolution display. The phone also packs 4G LTE support, Snapdragon 800 processor, 3GB RAM, 3200mAh battery, 13 mega-pixel main camera and 5 mega-pixel front, fast charging capabilities and a fingerprint scanner.

vivo xplay 3s price

Vivo have set the retail price at 3498 Yuan ($570) here in China, let’s see how the similarly spec’d Oppo Find 7 is prices once it launches later this month.

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  • zaikatanox

    Was the Xplay 3S the first ever 2K phone (not just launched, but also available for purchase)?

    • chinda

      Yes, it already launched for sale with initial batch of 1000 phones. Oppo find 7 will be second 2k phone for sale.

    • You know any other 2K phones that HAVE shipped? They already shipped 1000, and will be in distribution tomorrow. Considering that Samsung, Sony and HTC all pulled their punches and stuck with 1080p for their 2014 phones, you really need to give Vivo some credit.

  • Andi, any way to find out when they’ll ship in Thailand? They’re advertising it here, but nobody knows when it’s coming…

    • That’s not the Xplay 3S that is the X3S an octacore Mediatek phone. No idea when it will launch sorry.

      • Ugh. They have 2 models with nearly the same name? I guess it could be worse; they could have 2 models with EXACTLY the same name, like Oppo (Find 7).

        • antidumb

          g pro 2 and g2 exactly same name
          s4 and s4 mini also looks same name
          one s, one, one x, one max also EXACTLY same name
          but never have problem

          all you have to do is just don’t be stupid

          • Not exactly the same thing, but point taken.

            The only one with exactly the same name for 2 different phones is Oppo Find 7.

            • antidumb

              what did you mean? oppo find 7 has 2 different phone with same name?

              if you try telling oppo have 2 different phone with same name because they have different resolution, you still stupid, so by your logic phone with 16gb and 32 storage is different phone? no! it’s called optional!

              and you still didn’t get the point, once again i telling you don’t be stupid

            • I’ve had my fill of your trolling. In addition to you being dead wrong, you have been needlessly insulting.

              I won’t be responding to you again.

            • Rob

              Don’t worry about the troll, I know what you mean. Chinese manufacturers and resellers are renowned for getting specs and/or sending wrong item out. It’s expensive returning items that aren’t as advertised especially if you’re unfortunate enough to get hit with customs/duty.

            • antidumb

              If i’m a troller you could counter me with a truth, i’m just fixing the way you think, you whining about its name without realizing what actually happen to it

              if i’m a troller please tell me where is the trolling part?

            • jbird

              um sorry but the OPPO Find 7 has 2 names the 7 and 7a not the same names the 7a is the 1080 res the 7 is the 2k.

      • Dolvliz

        Xplay 3s have an advertising in Bangkok also but nobody know when they will available.

  • Mat

    If I order this from Australia will it work here? I want to change the language to English?