Meizu MX3 lands in France, but plenty of questions remain

Meizu had their French announcement yesterday (launch isn’t quite the word), but very important questions remain.

At an event in Paris, Meizu announced that they would be offering the Meizu MX3 in France with prices ranging from 449 to 549 Euros off contract and depending on which memory option you go for. Compared to the prices here in China that is a huge jump, the 16GB MX3 costs just 235 Euros here in China!

Not only is the price way higher than we, and many Meizu fans would have hoped but the MX3 misses the most important feature a premium smartphone (and that’s the market Meizu are after) must have. Where as similar phones from LG, Apple and Sony have 4G LTE the MX3 doesn’t. Why didn’t they wait and launch the MX4 instead?

Although ‘officially’ available in France, Meizu have not mentioned who they have partnered with to sell their octacore phone. We know that shops and online stores will offer the MX3 but when and which ones we haven’t a clue. What we do know is that Meizu have not teamed up with a French carrier.

So as excited as we are about Meizu entering Europe, we would hardly call this a launch.

As for which countries are next, Italy sounds likely with Spain coming afterwards.

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