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After announcing its brand new Dark Mode for Messenger, Facebook seems to be dropping the payment service available in the app, at least in the …

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The mobile market in recent years has witnessed quite a few emerging phone makers entered the rising French market. One of them is UMIDIGI, one …

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Huawei, Motorola, ZTE and even HTC have already made their presence at IFA 2018. OnePlus was there too, including the CEO Carl Pei, and while …

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Meizu are on a new high and believe they can take on the world. A different type of ‘high’ affected their marketing department though. What do you make of this brand commercial?

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4G LTE is very much the thing to have here in China, and local manufactures have been quick to take up the slack and launch enabled devices.

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Meizu had their French announcement yesterday (launch isn’t quite the word), but very important questions remain.

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meizu mx3 mwc

Frech tech sites are reporting that Meizu will launch the Meizu MX3 in France 6th March at an event held in Paris.

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This is why I love the Chinese phone industry! Just when you finish one great story another story crops up to blow it away! In …

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This past Christmas week China managed to rank #2 for mobile apps downloaded for both iOS and Android devices.

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  The latest addition to the iPhone family is finally arriving in Apple stores across the globe in anticipation of what is likely to be …

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  For us living in China the wait to get our hands on our new, super clever, faster, Siri equipped iPhone 4S could be as …

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Meizu may be feeling the heat in the domestic market, while simultaneously getting ready to launch the MX, but their current Android phone, the M9 …

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China’s self developed manned submarine successfully reached a depth of 3759 meters with a full crew on board. This marks the first time a Chinese …

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