Video: Oppo Find 7 launch invitations are cool!

Video: Oppo Find 7 launch invitations are cool!


It’s not just Vivo who know how to create a special interactive launch invitation, the latest invite to the Oppo Find 7 launch is impressive too!

The launch for the Oppo Find 7 is on the 19th March and invitations are being sent out to Chinese bloggers in preperation. Like Vivo, Oppo have gone down the more original route of creating an interactive invitation. The invite consists of a black box, map to the 798 Beijing launch, QR code and a nifty black pyramid stand!

Check out the internative Oppo Find 7 launch invitation fun in the video below

In other news the price for the fhd 1080 version of the Oppo Find 7 was leaked by an Oppo store earlier today at a whopping $570! Let’s hope that this is some kind of mix up!

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  • Brian Jackson

    No wonder they are expensive!…but nice!

  • Gaurav Arora

    That’s pretty genius I must say! Simple yet clever!

  • Xiaolu


  • Freediver007

    Impressive teaser, but I do hope they will live up to the hype that have been creating over the last few weeks. Personally I think they should have managed the expectations a bit better based on the leaked specs, but if the camera is indeed using Multi-Shot technology and the managed to boost the screen vs bezel ratio, I will probably import one into the Netherlands… 😉

  • So cool it’s not nerdy

  • Cuerex

    unique i must say

  • All I can think is that if they hadn’t wasted time on building this invitation, that they could have shipped a week earlier… or cut $20 off the price, or something.

    • Cuerex

      do you even buisness?

      • do you? journalists would be happy with an e-mail invitation. no need to waste time and expense on distracting fluff like this.

        • Cuerex

          do you think oppo consists of 1 hardware design team?

          • I honestly couldn’t tell you. But I do know that this is a needless waste of money, and the cost will get passed on to the consumer.

            • Cuerex

              i don’t think that a acryl glass mirrored plastic cube pyramid is a big hussle for a good organised company like oppo.. also this is done by their marketing team.. also its not like they send it to everyone in the world.. beside that, you don’t pay the advertising costs for example like HTC’s One ad campaign all over the world for such a simple thing

              this comes with basic logic thinking

            • Why are you arguing with me? It seems that it would be better if Oppo’s marketing team would worry more about the product, and less about party invitations.

              Please, discussion closed.

            • Cuerex

              what do you think those party invitations are about? ^^
              its about the products of course

              i’m arguing with you because i think your opinion about oppo’s marketing strategy is the least someone could blame on since they don’t go full retard like samsung