Oppo’s NFC Powered ‘Smart Lens’ Turns Your Phone Into A Legit Camera

Rumors of an Oppo detachable cell phone lens have been floating around the web since September. But after an initial leak of an unfinished lens that didn’t look much different than a DSLR camera’s lens, it kind of fell off the radar and we have not heard much about it since. Now, we have high resolution images of the long rumored device, and it still doesn’t look much different than a DSLR camera lens.

Judging by the pictures, the Oppo Smart Lens appears to use NFC to connect to your smartphone. It also doesn’t appear to attach to the the phone’s camera in anyway judging by how it attaches to the center of the camera.  It also has Wifi capabilities, although it unclear what exactly for, perhaps remote shooting? In one image it appears to be powered on and zoomed in while not being connected to any phone.

This model is visibly marked as having a 10X zoom. However, previous rumors have it coming  as a 15X model as well. You can see it attached to an Oppo Find 7 below using a built in clip, but it isn’t clear if it will be able to attach to non Oppo phones. My guess (and it is only a guess) is that it will work with a variety of phones.

The rumors back in September had it also sporting an SD card slot, sporting 16MP and image stabilization. If these images are legit, it looks like Sony might not be the only ones in the detachable lens game.

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The images leaked onto Weibo a few hours ago. We have contacted Oppo about the device for comment, and will update this space accordingly.

[Source: Weibo]
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