DIYers beware: OnePlus One teardown shows the phone isn’t all that easy to repair [at home]

People have been worrying about buying OnePlus One units from unauthorized resellers, and this teardown of the device might just reaffirm their belief.

iFixit are a popular bunch of people who believe in opening up new (and often expensive) devices to see what’s in there, and estimate how easy or difficult it is to fix the device, in case something goes wrong. On the iFixit ‘repairability’ scale of 10, the OnePlus One scored just 5 which means you’ll need to be more than just the average Joe to simply get to the internals of the phone!

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OnePlus One iFixit teardown video


As seen in the video, the OnePlus One is a highly integrated piece of equipment. A simple example is the TOL display, which is in fact fused with the digitizer that reads touch inputs. What this means is that if in case you crack your One’s screen, you will have to get both, the screen AND digitizer replaced. That being said, we must mention that it is a common practice for makers to fuse elements together to make a phone that is expected to perform as one of the best in the market.

Of course, this only means that the phone is going to be tough to repair at home. Those who buy from the official OnePlus store will always have the option to sought assistance from the makers, while others might have to depend on the local smartphone repair shop.

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