Allwinner powered Onda V989 octacore scores over 48,000 in Antutu

allwinner onda tablet

A new generation of Chinese tablet is on the way with power provided by a new Allwinner chipset, capable of propelling the device to over 48,000 points!

The new Onda V989 octacore will come equipped with the latest Allwinner A80T processor. The A80T shares similar big.LITTLE CPU architecture to the Samsung Exynos range allowing the A7 and A15 cores to run when they are needed and not burn through precious battery power.

allwinner onda tablet

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This set up also allows the chipset to divert core power to where it is needed, when it is needed resulting in an amazing Antutu score of 48,102 points! This is aided by a 64bit Power VR G6230 GPU, so expect solid game lay from Onda V989 when it launches.

Chinese Android tablet have always been there on the sidelines, but could new performance advances like this finally see them become more mainstream?

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  1. Guest
    June 21, 2014

    Bring it on we need this, would love to buy a good quality decent performance tablet here in Canada with a least some 3g service on the bands used in North America

  2. Henrick D.
    June 21, 2014

    I will never trust any Chinese tablet’s AnTuTu score ever again. The Cube U65GT scores 40,000+ in AnTuTu. See here:

    And still it lags like a third grade, bottom feeder tablet with poor specs. I’ve come to admit that higher AnTuTu scores are not necessarily indicative of a smooth, high-performing experience. Case in point – the Moto X – moderate specs, unimpressive AnTuTu score, but it smilingly destroys phones way above its league when it comes to user experience and snappy performance.

    48,000 is impressive indeed, but I will bet my bottom dollar that the UI will stutter like most Chinse tabs, and the day to day performance will be well below what a Samsung / Sony tab offers.

  3. Rob
    June 21, 2014

    Lets hope its not a fake score since Onda seem to like ‘manipulating’ Antutu. I’ve got the V975m and that’s supposed to score 30000 and run at 2GHz, however Onda throttled the cpu to 1.7GHz and it actually only scores 23000 (with cpu clocked at the full 2GHz). Thats a good 25% less, if this is the same the actual score would probably be nearer 36000, although in this instance that isn’t at all bad!!

    • occ
      June 22, 2014

      Best advice ever:

      NEVER buy a Chinese tab with a Rockchip or ATM processor, ever.

      Allwiner only the A31S is reliable, the rest crap.

    • Konstantinos
      June 26, 2014

      I don’t know what is wrong with your tablet but I have the same (Onda v975m 32G) and I also had doubts before I buy it but it exceeded my expectations! Very fast, I tested it in three different tests to make sure it is not cheating in any way:

      Antutu: 31100 (above the stated score by the company)

      Geekbench: 3212 beating Atom Bay Trail!!! (linked are my score and Intel Bay Trail)

      GFX Bench T-Rex (1080p off screen): 24 frames matching Sony Xperia Z1 with Adreno 330!

      I couldn’t ask for anything better for $180…

      • Rob
        June 27, 2014

        The tablet is nice and fast, is just not as advertised. Anyone can tell you that the antutu score is false, if you run antutu X it will give you the proper reading. The tablet does have issues but a custom rom does improve the majority of these issues.

        • Konstantinos
          June 28, 2014

          You are right! I installed Antutu X and I got only 22000! But how they can cheat in all the benchmarks I mentioned before?

          I read online that HTC also cheats by overclocking the CPU if you run benchmarks…

          The thing is I could see the difference during simple Antutu and X during the 3D rendering. The same scene was running at 35-40 fps instead of 26 on X. And I could see the much smoother animation. How can they do that?? That was real smoother animation at 40 fps!

          • Rob
            June 28, 2014

            I told you 😉 I believe the kernel overclocks everything to fool the benchmarks. Have you installed trickstrmod or anything yet? I take it you are in Greece? If you go onto and install Rozaks rom that gives root access you can set the cpu to run at 2ghz all the time, I get just over 23000 with it running at full speed. Onda have set the cpu to run at just 1.6ghz, very naughty of them and a blatant lie that its running at 2ghz!

  4. Adam Irvine
    June 21, 2014

    I’m in the market for a new iPad mini style Android tablet, I did order an FNF iFive Mini 3gs from merimobiles around a month ago, but they kept messing me around saying there was no stock, and the devices were faulty blah blah blah…

    In the end I had my money back which is just aswel as I then saw some info on the new upcoming FNF iFive Mini 4 tablet running the new rk3288 with 40k+ Antutu scores predicted, so I’m glad that my purchase of the Mini 3gs didn’t materialise now…

    Patiently waiting for a tablet of this style now 🙂 Can you recommend anything else that’s 7.9″/8″ thats in the pipeline running Kitkat???

    Fantastic site btw Andi! 🙂

    Cheers, Adam.

    • Aditya
      June 21, 2014

      Mi Pad?

      • own
        June 23, 2014

        please check it