Would you buy a $50 Xiaomi Windows Phone?

We reported early this week that CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, visited Xiaomi’s head offices in Beijing, the reason for the meeting? Possibly the launch of a $50 Xiaomi Windows phone.

Becoming one of the largest smartphone makers in the world, and in just 4 years, has been enough for Xiaomi to gain the attention of big names, Microsoft being one of them who could be banking on Xioami’s help to boost the profile of Windows mobile!

Sources in China have revealed that the meeting touched on points including Microsofts Could Service and the possibility of the two giants working together to produce a low-cost Windows based phone.

Xiaomi have already proven that they are masters of supply chain managing and social media marketing (at least in China), so how do you think they would do with a low-cost Windows Phone costing around $50?

It’s an interesting prospect, one that we will be following closely as the months progress!

[ GizChina.de ]
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