Pirate Legends Tower Defence App Review

Tower defence style games come in all shapes and sizes, so how well does the pirate themed Pirate Legends Android app stack up?

Tower defence style games have taken off in popularity and we see various new style of game all around the same sort of theme released every few weeks. The reason this genre of game has taken off is the fact they work perfectly on a smaller screen size and they don’t require you to invest hours in learning the mechanics or actually playing the game.

For those few minutes on the bus, in the train, or even powdering your nose, a simple tower defence game is great to pass the time.

Pirate Legends Tower Defence Review

So with a pirate theme, Pirate Legends Tower Defence takes place on the oceans around various beaches and small islands that make up part of the challenge of the game.

The basic aim is that you have to protect your ship against the hordes of pirates making their way to you on their row boats. Different enemy pirates have different powers and defence and need to be dispatched in different ways, luckily you have plenty of weapons at your disposal.

At the start of each game you have the option to boost your powers with either power ups you have earned through out the game or those you can buy as in app purchases. I didn’t bother with either and managed to thoroughly enjoy the game as it is.

Before the pirates start to swarm you are given the lay of the land so to have an idea of the paths your enemy will take. Arrows show the flow of the enemy before they start which allows you to build your defences on the small islands. The basic weapons include a canon, puffer fish, voodoo and a blunder bust style gun. To begin with each weapon is quite low on power but as the game progresses you can upgrade them and make them more powerful.

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With hundreds of angry pirates breathing down your neck you are going to need more fire power than 4 simple weapons, and thankfully Pirate Legends pulls through.

Small turtle canons can be launched in to packs of on coming enemies for a short boost in fire power, and you can even hire the locals on surrounding islands or a pirate fighter pilot to take out additional enemies.

As the game hots up and it begins to become more challenging you get access to magic spells. Launch a tornado, summon the Kraken or freeze time. These are your big guns, but you can only use them a limited number of times before you will need to either recharge them through in app purchases or earn them through completing challenges.

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Pirate Legends Tower Defence Review – Conclusion

The game is simple to pick up, although it does look a little daunting when you start, and it’s fun to play to while away a few minutes here and there.

For a free game to have tucked away in your game folder it is a good addition with nice animations and interesting features. It’s also a game I can happily let the kids place and so far they haven’t racked a bill on in app purchases.

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