Oppo Olens reappears on the back of a Find 7

oppo olens leaked

Back when Oppo were hyping the Oppo N1 there were also leaks of the Olens, a detachable NFC lens that would connect to the back of a smartphone. It never launched, but perhaps it will this year.

The Oppo Olens is a detachable DSLR lens that fastens to the back of your smartphone via an expanding clip and syncs to your phone via NFC. This allows you to use your phone as a powerful camera with a larger sensor, optical zoom and more.

The original Olens was only ever shown in leaks and teaser images last year, an actual physical model was never released, but it now appears Oppo are finally ready to launch the accessory.

Oppo Olens leaked

Teaser photos show the accessory clearly branded as the Olens attached to an Oppo Find 7 smartphone. With the images becoming public so close to the Oppo N3 launch, chances are we will see this officially launch at the same time.

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