Wico take up the “worlds cheapest” challenge with the octacore Wico S100

wico s100

Nope that isn’t a spelling mistake, Chinese phone maker Wico (not to be confused with Wiko) are taking on Ecoo with an entry level octacore phone of their very own.

There are a few details about the Wico which make it quite an exciting little phone. First of all we have never heard of an octacore smartphone posting less than $100 never find the claimed $89 price Wico are going after.

Then there is the size, for a phone of this price, and with a 5-inch display a 6.5mm body with stainless steel frame are features we just don’t come to expect

Now some of you will be taking the price and the body size in to account and guesstimating that the battery would be a pathetic little cell, and we would too normal, but a leaked photo claims to show a 2800mAh battery!

wico s100 battery

As for the rest well it will get 1GB RAM, 8GB internal memory and Android 4.4 Kitkat. Lets hope they manage to live up to expectations with this phone and we don’t fall foul of another knock off device.

[ GizChina.es ]
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