The iMacwear smartwatch wants to replace your Android phone

iMacwear is a new company focussing on wearable devices, and hope to replace your phone with the release of their iMacwear M7 watch.

Manufacturers who focus on the wearable market are split in to one of 3 types. There is the group who want to make something simple for fitness tracking (Mi Band), there are those device which a designed to be a companion to your phone (LG G Watch) and there are those watches who aim to completely replace your phone.

The iMacwear M7 is an Android smartwatch designed to completely replace your current Android or iOS phone by offering 2G and 3G WCDMA call and browsing facilities, 1.6-inch touch screen, WIFI and even a built in 5 mega-pixel camera.

Looking at the design of the iMacwear M7, the watch is very similar to the first generation Omate Truesmart, but with a more refined alloy body. The watch boosts a 1.2Ghz processor, 512mb RAM , 4GB internal memory, 600mAh battery and runs Android OS, so you should be able to install popular apps but the size of the screen might limit certain functions.

iMacwear M7

iMacwear will launch the M7 in China and HongKong on 20th November for $159 which is an attractive price, but we are still uncertain at just how functional a watch like this is, and how many people would actually be happy replacing their phone with a watch.

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