iOcean M6752 ‘Rock’ Antutu benchmarks

iocean rock antutu

iOcean have published Antutu benchmarks giving us a rough glimpse at the potential of their 64bit M6752 ‘Rock’ smartphone.

iOcean officially unveiled the M6752 ‘Rock’ earlier this month and revealed the phone, their first 64bit model, has the powerful new Mediatek MT6752 chipset. The MT6752 has been found in plenty of exciting new phones this year, it boasts 64bit, 8-core architecture and dual SIM 4G LTE support.

iOcean also revealed that they had been very generous with the RAM on the M6752 ‘Rock’ with a nice 3GB to ensure plenty of memory is available for gaming and background applications.

With that set up running a 5.5-inch 1920 x 1080 display on Android 4.4, how are the benchmarks looking? The answer is very good with an Antutu score posted today of 40,492! With the promised Lollipop update and more optimizations we can expect that score to increase too.

We are still waiting on the details of where and when we can actually buy the iOcean M6752 ‘Rock’, and pricing is yet to be confirmed. Let’s hope it is competitive and iOcean could have a JiaYu S3 slayer on their hands.

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