Guest Post: Mediatek MT6752 vs Snapdragon 615

iocean mt6752

In real world testing how does the 64bit Mediatek MT6752 compare vs the 64bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor? Find out in this 64bit processor battle.

At the time of writing on of the biggest buzz words for the mobile phone market is “64-bit CPU”. The term has been thrown around like a magic word and is being used by marketing teams to promote new devices. 64bit processors are a big deal but not only for the fact that they are 64bit chips, but also the additional features and functions they bring to hand-held devices.

On the market today there are plenty of 64bit chips, but the hottest and most talked about are the Mediatek MT6752 and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 615. Both chips are used in many mid to high-end smartphones, but of the two which is the better SoC?

For this article we have taken 2 popular Chinese phones, each of which boast a 64bit chipset. For the Qualcomm side we have the Oppo R5 and for Mediatek the iOcean MT6752 Rock. For this comparison we have subjected both phones to popular benchmark tests to see which processor gives the best performance. Before we get to the comparison and results though, lets take a look at the specifications and features of both processor.

Mediatek MT6752 vs Snapdragon 615 specifications.

mediatek mt6752 vs snapdragon 615

The MT6752 deploys 8 x 1.7GHz ARM Cortex-53 CPUs and Mali-T760 GPU – the next level 64-bit mobile computing and global 4G LTE. Camera support is up to 16 mega-pixels with video recording at 1080p @ 60fps.

In comparison the Snapdragon 615 represents the first 64-bit Cortex-A53 Octa-core CPUs in the industry. The chip features 4 x 1.7GHz cores and 4 x 1GHz. An Adreno 405 GPU support max screen resolution of  2560*1600 screen display and up to 21 mega-pixel cameras.

Both chip has it’s own benefits with the Mediatek looking to be a more performance orientated processor and the Snapdragon 615 more about media consumption.

Now we know more about each processor and it’s features let’s get on with the testing and see which of the two processors boasts the more impressive benchmarks.

Mediatek MT6752 vs Snapdragon 615: Vellamo

Vellamo began as a mobile web benchmarking tool and has expanded to include 2 primary chapters. The HTML5 Browser Chapter evaluates mobile web browser performance while the Metal Chapter measures the single core CPU subsystem performance of mobile processors. Vellamo is able to rate scrolling and zooming, 3D graphics, video performance and memory read/write and peak bandwidth performance and even more.

mediatek mt6752 vs snapdragon 615
iOcean MT6752 on the left

From this mobile web test, the performance seems to be pretty close. It represents that through zooming, loading, 3D graphics and video stream media they will give customers a similar experience.

Mediatek MT6752 vs Snapdragon 615: Ludashi

The Android version of Ludashi is a performance test app designed for Android phones and tablets. From 8 performance tests, you easily test the performance of your mobile device and compare your phone or tablet with another.

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mediatek mt6752 vs snapdragon 615
iOcean MT6752 on the left


From the overall result, the iOcean M6752 ‘s scores are way beyond that offered by the OPPO R5.  It can be seen that the performance of iocean M6752’s single-core is better than OPPO R5’s with an overall result of the MT6752 powered iOcean reaching almost double that of the Snapdragon powered Oppo.

Mediatek MT6752 vs Snapdragon 615: Game Performance Test Results

Since both of the experimental phones have the 1080p display, their SOC would consume a similar battery power. We will test the differences of the SOC though some mainstream games in the market.

The iOcean M6752 carries a Mali-T760 GPU. The speed before entering the main screen of the game Need for Speed is normal, but during gaming the Mali GPU seems to loose out a little in terms of overall graphic crispness.

In regards of the compatibility, OPPO R5 carries an Adreno 405 GPU that performs better in general. The fluency and quality are both very good, but overall the actual gaming experience is no better on the Snapdragon 615 than it is on the MT6752 chipset.

In terms of other games, iOcean M6752 and OPPO R5 are generally the same. Both of their fluency and compatibility are acceptable. Overall, the 2 phones’ performances are both excellent.

mediatek mt6752 vs snapdragon 615

NBA 2015 is a newly-released game and it requires a great hard-ware processor and graphic processor to run. The iOcean M6752 performs fluently with this game, with just the odd lag here and there. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 really disappoints us with this game though. The processor really struggles to keep up and the game often feels sluggish.

Mediatek MT6752 vs Snapdragon 615: Conclusion

Although on paper both processor offers great features and looks like it could handle anything you can throw at it, it is the MT6752 processor in the iOcean MT6752 which wins overall.

In general use for most applications both processors are good, but when the going gets tough the Mediatek 64bit processor really steps up and manages to handle huge loads much more competently and smoothly. In our opinion Oppo really made a huge mistake when going for a Snapdragon 615 over the Mediatek MT6752, not only is the MTK chipset more powerful but it also helps to keep the cost of the phone down, which might explain why iOcean are able to sell their phone for just over $200 internationally while the Oppo is closer to $500.

Do you have any hands on experience with these two chipset? What was your real life experience?

More iOcean MT6752 details can be had on the official iOcean Facebook.

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