Over 68,000 Nubia Z9 Mini gone in under 60 seconds

nubia z9 mini

Nubia are taking China by storm with their Nubia Z9 Mini smartphone and the Chinese buying public have been impressed enough to snap up over 68,000 phones in less than 1 minute.

Over in China the Nubia Z9 mini costs only 1499 Yuan, which is impressive when you take in to account the fact the phone comes with a 5-inch FHD display, 2GB RAM, Snapdragon 615 processor, 16 mega-pixel main camera, LTE and space for up to a 128GB SD card!

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You can imagine just how hot an item of this calibre might be in China, and you would be right with Nubia reporting that they managed to sell 68,769 units in only 58 seconds!

Nubia are expecting similar sell outs when their Z9 and Z9 Max hit the web in the coming weeks.

[ GizChina.it ]
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  1. kiki
    April 2, 2015

    Hi 🙂

    How I know ZTE Nubia Z9 Max have camera IMX 213. hich camera have ZTE Z9 mini???

    • Vlada
      April 2, 2015

      IMX 213? I think there is no such camera sensor.

  2. irebel
    April 2, 2015

    ” Chinese buying public ” and how many of those were resellers planning on selling it on?

  3. Angry Mobile Nerd
    April 2, 2015

    So they sold out? If that’s the case you could also say they only sold 68,000 in the first day or however how many days it takes until they get more to sell. So if the next batch goes on sale 5 days after today then they also only sold 68,000 in 5 days but I guess that doesn’t sound as impressive as 58 seconds.

    • April 5, 2015

      AMN, stop being so much of a… AMN. Lol

  4. Matt
    April 2, 2015

    I would like to buy the Nubia Z9 Mini but it is sold by re-resellers around $300 which is huge comparing the original price. Any sites where I could find that phone for a good price. Thanks.

    • Vlada
      April 2, 2015

      I see it for $199 at 1949deal. But it is not in stock.

      • Jason45
        April 2, 2015

        lol, it’s just placeholder price. The phone alone costs in China around 240 usd.

        • Matt
          April 2, 2015

          Yeah sold by re-resellers at 295$! I think that I will buy something else…I encourage people to buy phones in Europe. The decline of EUR is not helping to buy phones from China with no technical support in case of potential default. In that case returning the phone at own costs is becoming very expensive with no guarantee to get refunded or getting the phone replaced.

  5. Dee Dee
    April 2, 2015

    Which is better…. Nubia Z9 Mini or Elephone P6000?

    • Jason45
      April 2, 2015

      If Elephone P6000 got MT6752 chipset, then the P6000 is faster than the z9 mini. The looks of Nubia Z9 (my opinion) and camera specs are better than P6000.

    • Vlada
      April 2, 2015

      I would vote for Nubia. I’ll probably get the phone if there will be some positive reviews. It looks perfect on paper so I hope there will be no hidden problems.

  6. Manu
    April 2, 2015

    hope they wont sell out the z9 max so fast i want to buy it from a reseller for ~450€ 😀

  7. Xalis
    April 2, 2015

    I hated my Z7 Mini for 3 months, the hardware was amazing, but the software was utter shit, but with the new official Lollipop update, the phone is amazing, and the Lollipop firmware is just a beta, so it can only get better and if it doesn’t the beta one is pretty good.

    I would recommend the Z7 Mini with Lollipop over the Z9 Mini.

    Z7 Mini = cheaper($255), faster(Snapdragon 801/Adreno 330), and most likely a better camera(IMX214).

    • Jason45
      April 3, 2015

      The camera of z7 mini is most likely not better than the camera of z9 mini. z7 mini got a 1/3.06 size sensor. the z9 mini got a 1/2.6 size sensor (the sensor should be the same as Samsung S6 and Note 4). The larger the sensor, the more light can come into the camera, meaning better low light photo’s (theoretically)

  8. hongsien kwee
    April 11, 2015

    Dang! I bought the Nubia Z7 mini a few months ago, thinking the camera is great but it really disappointed me as my cheapo Xiaomi 1 (not 1S but the older one!) takes faster and sharper pics! The camera (at least) on my Z7 mini focuses slow, specially in low light compared to the Xiaomi, the image files when looked at on the computer screen are all at least 1-2 stops darker than my Xiaomi pics……..

    The Xiaomi 1 focuses FASTER and more precise than the Z7 mini. When I used the Z7 mini camera in pro mode, I can choose the aperture, but the largest aperture it shows is F2.8?? I thought the camera has an F2.0 lens opening?

    On top of that, when I had only a few apps loaded, and like whats app or few other apps running in the background, I can’t get the phone to start up. Opening the homepage, takes forever, the red light blinks slowly and screen is just black

    Needless to say I sent it back to the seller from Aliexpress, but they refused to repair it or refund me, they say nothing is wrong with the camera. Asking if they tested if it hangs, they don’t reply me…….I have a video of the phone hanging plus all the pics taken of the same subjects and under the same conditions as with the Xiaomi (I held the 2 phones in my palm when taking images side by side), but they just dont want to believe me, Aliexpress is trying tp help me to get a refund, but I waited almost 7 weeks, no news

    Sorry for the longwinded story, but I lost my faith in Nubia, now they have released a new model……

  9. isko
    May 10, 2015

    Please can someone tel me which IMX have ZTE 9MINI?

  10. Desdemona
    July 22, 2015

    I think Nubia Z9 Mini is in beautifully design, particular the phone case, it comes in four colors and styles. On the flick side, I really enjoy taking effect photos via Nubia Z9 mini, that is with a perfect effect. I bought it from Comebuy, and I can get the coupon there!