Octa-core MediaTek Helio P10 brings LTE Cat 6 and more to the mid-range table

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After impressing the world with the mid-range MT6732 and MT6752 SoCs, Taiwan’s MediaTek is now looking to cover more ground on the coverage side of things.

MediaTek SoCs have traditionally gotten flak for not offering adequate network support, especially for networks in the west. However, with almost all its new-gen chips offering on-board modems, the problem is fast disappearing. The newest MediaTek chip on the scene, the Helio P10, cures the problem further.

The Helio P10 has an octa-core CPU with 2 sets of Cortex A53 cores, with a clock rate of up to 2.0GHz. To look after the graphics side of things, the P10 embeds in it a dual-core 700MHz Mali T-860 GPU. MediaTek also seemed to take pride in boasting about the fact that the chip offers on-board support for RWWB image sensors, which according to the fabricator can capture ‘twice as much light as RGB sensors’. We’ll know later this year if there’s any substance backing that claim.

MiraVision on the latest MT67xx series chips has been quite a hit, and it wouldn’t make much sense to do away with it. And MediaTek won’t. In fact, MiraVision will get a facelift for the Helio P10 — it’ll now be MiraVision 2.0, with its best features carried from the existing suite, combined with UltraDimming” and “BluLight Defender” modes for night reading and reduction in eye fatigue respectively.

The chip will also have a sound chip rated 110dB SNR, which naturally falls in the ‘HiFi’ category as per the makers of this SoC. In all, MediaTek wants to make the Helio P10 an all-in-one solution, and so far from what we can see on paper, it is well on its way of achieving that.

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