Elephone P8000 listed on Flipkart, what’s cooking?

Elephone are notorious for managing to be in the news all the time, for reasons right and wrong. The company’s newest flagship to have landed in users hands, the P7000, may not have been the success the company would’ve imagined, but that hasn’t stopped them from announcing the P8000 for next month.

The very device, i.e., the Elephone P8000 was found to have been listed on India’s Flipkart.com. If you aren’t aware, Flipkart has been the e-retailer of choice for many a Chinese brand, including Xiaomi, and now, OnePlus.

For now the listing certainly looks nothing more than a placeholder, but then that’d only be if Flipkart has plans to sell the phone. Flipkart moved to the marketplace model after trying out its own inventory for a long while, so it is very well possible that it’s a reseller who’s wanting to sell the phone on Flipkart. Even then, the placeholder does raise a few eyebrows.

We should get to the crux of this story in the coming weeks…

Thanks for the tip, Rohit!

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