Upcoming Doogee F5 will have a multifunctional fingerprint scanner

It is now safe to say that fingerprint scanners are about the standard for any mid-range and above phone. Some really inexpensive phones now have fingerprint sensors, and Chinese vendors are trying hard to differentiate themselves from others.

For example, Oukitel added a fingerprint sensor that didn’t require you to wake the phone before having your finger scanned. The OnePlus 2 does the same. The folks at Doogee seem to have taken inspiration from that, and have taken the fingerprint sensor one step ahead.

It’ll be the Doogee F5 which will have the new and revamped fingerprint sensor. It’ll work in three ways:

  1. Place your finger on the module for 0.5 seconds, and it’ll take you to your home screen.
  2. Place your finger on the module for around 1.5 seconds, and you’ll be presented with the recent apps screen.
  3. Akin to the Oukitel U8 and the OnePlus 2, placing your finger on the module will trigger the sensor to read your fingerprint, and if it a match, the phone will be unlocked.

From the picture it appears as though the fingerprint sensor will be on the back for the Doogee F5, right below the camera. Which is why, I’m not convinced about the ergonomics of this new set of features; the fact that Doogee added those features however is impressive and goes to show that there is always room for improvement.

You can find more info about the Doogee F5 here.

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