Photos: Unreleased Lenovo Vibe P1 poses like a boss

Photos: Unreleased Lenovo Vibe P1 poses like a boss


It’s funny that after announcing that it’ll dissolve its smartphone brand Lenovo is getting the kind of interest it is getting.

We know the Vibe P1 as an upcoming battery phone that does more than just battery. We know all of this thanks to the leaks that the phone has suffered in the recent past. Speaking of the leaks, they don’t appear to stop anytime soon; there’s a fresh new one in which the phone is seen posing (like a boss) to the spy camera in broad daylight!

We’ve mentioned this earlier; the Vibe P1 is among the better looking big battery phones out there. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of a price tag this smartphone gets, for if its priced right, many see if flying off the shelves. Another thing about the design — it is reminiscent of the ZUK Z1 which is in fact made by a company in which Lenovo invests heavily.

The Vibe P1 is supposed to have a fingerprint sensor, 5000mAh battery, a Snapdragon 615 processor, a 5.5-inch FHD display and 13 mega-pixel/5 mega-pixel camera with 3GB RAM and 16GB on-board storage. Launch is expected very soon, so stay tuned… meanwhile, gawk at these images of the 5000mAh phone!

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  • murray

    Please can we stop it with the “leaked” images. There’s very few that are real leaks .If a company like Oneplus with one of the most anticipated launches can keep the phone locked down with only TENAA spoiling the fun a couple of days before launch ,then lenovo and most other manufacturers can do the same .Lenovo clearly want some press coverage with the early shots.

  • Freeje

    Yeah and the 615 killed it.

    • koki

      yah , i would prefer mt6795 or s808

  • Dante

    Yeah – clearly “spy images” judging by the quality of these photos this was an official photosession for the “leak”

    • Dante

      Also it seems lenovo still has some excess phone parts they want to use (especially sd615 ) if they had no parts they would continue anouncing new models after anouncing the disolvation of their mobile division

  • Aeonia

    Looks amazing…

  • fangbanger

    Meh. It’s time to stick to the moto design and not release these kinds of crappy chinese-feeling phones anymore, Lenovo.

  • Coinphone

    So many phone leaks every day. Obviously you can’t trust the Chinese with secrets. Just saying…

  • The Calm Critic

    I’m still royally pissed off right now that we can’t even get that 4GB model of Lenovo K80 outside of China to even give a about this.