What are the benefits of dual screen phones?

oukitel u6

What are the benefits of dual screen phones? Oukitel have made a video which they hope will teach us the features and benefits of having a second e-ink display, but is it enough?

In the following video, the team at Oukitel try and demo some of the benefits of having a secondary e-ink display on the rear of your phone like the one on the recently released Oukitel U6.

Take a look at the features they show, keep reading and let us know what you make having a second display.

If you are like me then you are probably unsure about this whole e-ink display phase the Chinese phone industry are taking. I do see some of the benefits of the e-ink panel on the rear of a phone. First of all there is a battery saving to be had. If you can switch your viewing from the front panel to the rear then that e-ink screen is surely going to use less of your precious battery charge. Another benefit is viewing and reading. No matter how good a regular colour panel is or how high the resolution, nothing quite beats an e-ink display for reading.

But is that enough? I’m still wondering just how useable a second display might be? How convenient is it to switch from one screen to the next? Have Oukitel made the process seamless enough to actually be a benefit?

Also, surely adding that second display just takes up space that a larger battery could accommodate? And doesn’t the second panel mean twice the chance of an expensive trip to the repair store?

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What are your opinions of dual screen phones? Are there any other benefits of such a design other than battery life and easy reading? Let us know in the comments below.

The Oukitel U6 in the video is a quad-core MT6735 phone with 2.5D glass display, alloy chassis and IR remote. Online resellers are taking pre-orders for the device now.

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